6 Tips for First Time Travelers to Rome: Everything you Need to Know

As someone who lives in Rome, I’m always asked how to get the best experience as a first time traveler to the city of external love. And, because Rome is always packed with tourists almost everyday, traveling here might be something to tick off your bucket list.

Planning a trip can be both exciting and stressful, that’s why this guide helps to ensure you’re up-to-date with everything you need to know about visiting the beautiful Roma.

If you’re a first time traveler, Rome is a beautiful city worth exploring… that’s why I have these 6 tips to make the journey easier for you.

Exploring Rome#1. Book a tourist bus to take you around

If you don’t know this already, Rome is pretty big, and if you don’t want to have painful feet, you might want to book a tourist bus to hop on and off on. It also makes your traveling so much easier because you get to see the city faster than walking.

Even though I live in Rome, I know how tiring it can be trying to get from the Colosseum to Piazza di Spagna for instance. Plus, if you’re only in Rome for a few days, you’d want to see as much as possible.

Also, don’t forget to bring some comfy shoes. Rome’s roads aren’t the best, so high heeled shoes wouldn’t be a very good idea.

#2. Visit Rome during the summer months

One amazing thing about living or visiting Rome is the great weather throughout the summer. From May until September is a perfect time to come and visit because you’re guaranteed clear blue skies. So, you don’t need to pack super warm clothes during your stay.

But, if you visit during the winter, your experience might not be as pleasant as you may have anticipated. Rome does get chilly, and the frequent rain doesn’t help either.

St. Peter Square Rome#3. Visit popular places later in the afternoon

The large crowds of tourists on a daily basis can make sightseeing a hassle, and quite honestly, it can be tiring trying to navigate your way around a lot of people.

That’s why visiting popular places such as the St. Peter Square (which as you’ve guessed it, can be terribly crowded) is better done later in the afternoon. But, it’s certainly not guaranteed since people tend to stay there for a longer period of time.

The great news is that if you’re worried about the sun setting before you take some amazing photography, not to worry. The sun doesn’t set until about 9pm during the summer months here in Rome.

#4. Modesty is key when visiting churches

One thing Romans don’t joke about is how respectful you’re dressed when visiting their churches (especially St. Peter). I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ve seen tourists refused entry into churches because their clothing was above their knees.

So, if you can, try and wear something modest on days you’d be visiting the church. It would certainly reduce any embarrassment or inconvenience you might experience.

#5. Book accommodation and flights in advance

While traveling to Rome can be exciting, accommodation and flight costs is a different story. That’s why it’s important to book your hotel and flight way in advance to enjoy a discount during your stay.

During peak season, hotel and flight prices sky rocket tremendously, and the last thing you’d want to do is pay 3 times the price you would’ve payed had you booked earlier.

carry-on luggageAlso, you can pack a few items in a carry-on luggage to save up on the cost of paying for large luggage. This only works if you’re staying for a few days though.

It’s also important to note that which hotel you book can make your travel experience better or worse. It’s a given that booking a hotel in the city centre is way more expensive than in Termini (a district in Rome). A lot of tourists prefer lodging in Termini because it’s close to the railway station and central to just about anything you need.

#6. Avoid taxi’s and stick to public transport

One thing I love about Rome is that getting around is fairly easy to do, especially from the Termini station. If you’re coming from the airport, you can save some money and opt for a train instead. From Fiumicino airport to Termini, for instance, a train ride costs 14 Euro currently per person and drops you right at the station.

Taking a bus is even cheaper, but takes much longer to get to your destination. Remember, trains do have a closing time which is usually right before mid-night. If you’d be landing very late, you might just have to take a taxi (which is not less than 50-60 Euros).

About Author

Rachel is a travel enthusiast at The Stylish Travel who loves to explore new places in style and learn about different cultures and food. Besides finding the best deals for travel, she loves photography and anything health and beauty related.

DIY Garden Tips to Make You an Ace Gardener

For some, gardening is a hobby, while for others it’s like meditation – bringing you peace being around nature. And you don’t need a whole lot of area to be a gardener.

You can make a small garden in the backyard of your home too. And you don’t need even need frequent trips to the local gardening store for supplies.

If you want to include gardening in your routine, here are some home gardening tips to turn your house into a green creative space –

Use lemon as starter pots

lemon as garden potsInstead of putting the new plants in the cruel world out, starter pots are must-haves for the gardener in you.

The starter pots help the plants properly build their root system. Using big lemons for this purpose also helps the plants in getting the beneficial acid feeding.

You need to scoop out the pulp in the middle, put soil and then watch your tiny seedling grow. It can also act as a temporary home for small plants in winter or growing small full shade plants.

Use the eggshellseggshells as garden pots

Eggs are good for health, for humans as well as plants. But plants need the shells. Eggshells are rich in calcium and plants need it to stay strong.

So, store those shells instead of throwing and when you have a lot, grind them up into powder. And? Mix in the soil.

You can also use the eggshells as a pot for seedlings to grow as you did with lemons above. It gives the plant a chance to get calcium, magnesium and other nutrients from the eggshells and thus, grow strong.

Make your roses blemish-free

Everyone loves beauty, and the best home gardening tip for a beautiful rose garden is careful pruning.

No matter what the color is, the rose flowers need ample sunlight to bloom to full glory, and pruning helps in it. It also keeps the moisture away which is responsible for black spots on the flower.

Join toilet paper rollstoilet paper rolls as garden pots

One of the eco-friendly gardening ways is to use paper as starter pots. Once the seedling is ready, you can transfer the whole pot in your garden outside.

Paper is biodegradable and won’t harm the soil. You can use a regular paper to shape it as pot.

Using the waste part of toilet paper roll can make your task easier. Just make four vertical cuts and fold them to make a base for your pot. It will also be stronger than regular paper

DIY Weed Killervinegar as Weed Killer

Vinegar has a strong odour which can help keep weeds away. Pick up an empty sprayer and pour in some vinegar for a quick DIY Weed Sprayer and say goodbye to the time-consuming manual removal. Vinegar used in an appropriate amount can also heal the plants, apart from keeping them away from weeds.

Well, that would be all for today. Tell us in the comments which one of them look helpful enough to turn you into a local gardening expert.

6 Upcoming Tech Trends To Look Out For

Quite a lot happens in the world of technology every day. The creative minds out there keep coming with new gadgets that can bring a considerable change in life.

Upcoming Tech TrendsVirtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and others which looked magical, are now in the mainstream.

But not every idea flies off (or gets the required earth). So, let’s find out what are the top tech trends that we can expect in the near future.

1. Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

The world is going automated. There is less of human intervention, the computers are scaling up the productivity, and the credit goes to the AI – Artificial Intelligence. From residing in the factories, robots are now coming to help us at home, all thanks to AI.

The technology still needs to grow, and from repetitive tasks like in assembling, you can see more automation in the complex working scenario. Automated systems for making food and in driverless cars and drones are already getting tested.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) along with Augmented Reality (AR) is already changing the way we get entertained. We have a number of accessories helping you get into a virtual-real world, and people are accepting the technology.

You remember Pokémon Go, right? Whether you played it or not, you probably heard about this Android game based on AR, through the news.

Although still in the early stages, VR/AR have found their usage in entertainment, health, sports and also in aviation industries. And there are more to come.

3. BlockchainBlockchain Technology

Blockchain became the talk of the town (world?) after the Bitcoin boom in 2017. It is the technology which supports Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. However, this distributed ledger system of maintaining records proved its capability in finance too.

But because of its secured distributed technology, tech blogs around the world predict different implementation of blockchain in the real world.

Blockchain can help to keep records in the transport industry, healthcare and may also see its use for recording votes.

4. Machine Learning

A part of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is a tech helping machines ‘learn’ the way it needs to do the things. There are some applications like the virtual assistants and also in AI, which uses machine learning. Companies like Google and Microsoft are trying to incorporate it into more of its services with the view to improve the user experience.

5. Internet of ThingsInternet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of household tech with the help of the Internet. There are a large number of appliances that you can connect and control through your mobile. But there isn’t a platform to enjoy the seamless experience now.

With companies like Amazon, Apple and Amazon coming into play, we may see some integrated IoT user experience soon.

6. Voice Control

You voice control a lot of tasks on your mobile, isn’t it? Siri can help you get some jobs done, Google Assistant finds nearby restaurants for you, and then there also is Cortana.

But wouldn’t it be amazing if you can lock your home remotely or switch on the air-conditioning a few minutes before you come home?

With some centralized IoT user interface development, it will soon be possible.

Which one do you think will be the most revolutionary? Share in the comments and stay tuned for further updates.

5 Beauty Hacks That Will Save You money

Many people dream to look like those beautiful women in Hollywood, isn’t it? No matter how stressful or busy schedule they have, those unconventional beauties always look perfect, but how?

Well, you don’t need any costly Hollywood beauty secrets to look fresh and glowing all-day long.

Here are some household beauty hacks which not only are easy but also the things used are readily available. And, you will be surprised to know how many beauty DIY household items can double up as.

Scrub with Brown Sugar

Yes, brown sugar not only acts as a sweetener but also as a softener for your body. Pick up any body wash you use and mix it with some brown sugar, and you get a home-made skin exfoliator.

brown sugar home-made skin exfoliatorBy the way, if your skin starts itching, you can add some honey to make it smoother. Coconut oil will do too, instead of honey.

Also, you can mix brown sugar with a few bananas to get a body scrub which also moisturizes the skin.

Coconut Oil as Moisturizer

Coconut Oil is great for hair, we all know that. The vitamins and fatty acids nourish the hair, help it grow and keep it healthy.

And thanks to those fatty acids, coconut oil can also moisturize the skin. Apply it before you are going to bath and feel the skin smoother than what you get with the moisturizing lotions.

If you add some ground almonds to the oil, it will also scrub off dry skin along with moisturizing it.

Toothpaste for White Nails

Yup, you heard it right. Your toothpaste can whiten not only your teeth but also the yellowing nails. It will also remove any nail polish stains or lighten other marks.

toothpaste for your nailsSo, pick up an extra toothbrush lying around and use whitening toothpaste to get your nails shining again. Mix a little lemon juice for added effects.

By the way, to clean off the stains, ensure that the toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide too.

Olive Oil as Makeup Remover

Among the many cool household hacks, is using olive oil during makeup, and it serves many purposes. You can dip in a cloth or just pat your skin with olive oil and let it do its magic.

The oil will break the particles up which you can wash off easily. And you can also use this trick to clean your makeup tools.

Olive oil can also be used on mascara when it starts drying, and can even condition your hair. Olive oil also adds up as a body lotion.

Green Tea Bag as Concealer

Is the Smashbox Concealer your favorite? OK, you can use green tea bags as an alternative. You can also use the bags to remove dark circles and tighten the under-eye skin.

Green Tea Baga as ConcealerAfter a few minutes, about 5-6, your skin will feel fresher than what it was. Apart from that, wet tea bags also soothes skin inflammation at times, and can reduce pain.

Which of these DIY beauty tips do you find useful? Maybe all! Do share other beauty hacks with household items you use, in the comments.

4 Actual Ways To Make Money Online

Whether you want a way to get some regular income or looking for extra money, there are various ways for making money online.

And some of them are quite easy to start with, but you need consistency. However, if you want to know how to make money online fast, you’re in for a disappointment.

To have a satisfactory income online, you need consistency, but once you’re set, there would be no looking back. Provided below are for ways to earn money online from home –

1. Freelance

Providing freelance service is the best way to make money online. If you’re good at something, you can join sites like Upwork and Fiverr, and provide your services to different clients. Almost every job which you do sitting in an office is available online.

freelance serviceIt doesn’t matter if you love designing or writing, there is something for everyone. You can do software development or provide remote assistance in managing various tasks, all from the comfort of home.

The competition is tough out there, but once you establish yourself, there is no shortage of work and money.

2. Sell your stuff

If you have a hobby of making handmade things or arts you can put them online for sale. There are many services which can help you set up an online business portal in no time.

online for saleYou don’t need to have any technical experience, and software takes care of everything. Then, you can also sell your photos and videos.

You can even sell old things you no longer need on sites like Amazon and eBay or list them on Craigslist. And someone will come searching for it soon.

3. Blogging

For those who love spending their time writing, blogging is one of the best ways to make extra money. Although earning with blogging takes time, with the right strategy you can have some good income.

BloggingThere are a number of ways like ads and affiliate links on your blog that keep your bank account running.

But interesting content and targeting the right audience are the prerequisites. Then, you also will need other things – search engine optimization and backlinks among others – to set up to make your blog profitable.

4. Trade Cryptocurrencies

Although still confusing to masses, investing and trading cryptocurrencies is another way to make money at home.

But first, do thorough research. You can find all the information online itself. Keep an eye on cryptocurrency news and the related forums, and know all before you start trading.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and it’s not only about Bitcoins. There also are Ethereum, Litecoin and new currencies are made every day.

Those who invested in the earlier days are now enjoying the returns, but it’s never too late. It is, by the way, important to know which one to buy and which to ignore.

Choose the method you find the most suitable for your goals and start today. And a few months from now, you’ll have a pretty decent stream of money right from home. All the best!

8 Investment Ideas To Make You More Money

It’s a great decision that you made, to start investing. Whether you want to do it for savings, additional income or as retirement goals, the earlier you start, the better. And the good thing about investing for beginners is that you don’t need thousands of dollars to start. You can start even with $500 but getting a good return on investment requires a plan.

1. StocksStocks investment

If you’re starting small, you can go for individual stocks. There are many companies with share prices as low as $5, and you can thus, diversify your investments. If you don’t know how to start investing in stocks, get going with one of the stock brokerage firms, and also learn in parallel.

2. Mutual Funds

If you have some thousand dollars to spare (read it as invest), you should opt for mutual funds. They get you shares of different companies in a single go. Choose the funds as per your goals and relax. There also are some, which allows you to start with small investments.

3. BondsBonds investment

For those who are looking for safe investment ways, bonds come handy. It is a loan a company gets from you and gives you interests in return. And when the term of loan completes, you get the invested money back. Bonds, however, provide lesser ROI than stocks and mutual funds.

4. Peer-to-peer lending

Also referred to as social lending, P2P lending is a sort of investment business. Individuals come to you directly to borrow money either to buy a car or build a house. You lend them the money and then receive repayment in monthly instalments along with interests.

5. Real Estate

Real Estate investmentNot everyone can buy an investment property, but if you’re thinking of protected investments, start searching. The real estate sector has always been rewarding, and there are tons of websites which provide buying opportunities and also, tips for buying investment property.

6. Forex

Forex trading is also an option if you’re into making money from your money (literally). You don’t need a huge amount but a sound knowledge of the global economy. And with the right tools, you can make quite a handsome amount with investing in forex.

7. Gold

Unlike the other investment options mentioned above, investment in gold has always been beneficial. While stocks and forex trading always have ups and downs, gold prices still show an upward trend, except for few incidents.

8. Cryptocurrency

After the rally in Bitcoin prices, investments in various cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Since the theft of cryptocurrency is difficult, it’s one of the safest ways of investment. Cryptocurrency investments are made through peer-to-peer transfers with the help of blockchain and thus, are fast.

Cryptocurrency investment

Well, those were all the easy investment options for beginners. While some offer a high return on investment, others guarantee a secure investment.

So, which one are you going for – the relative safety of bonds and mutual funds or the adventure ride with stocks and forex?

Start early!

The Top 6 Self Improvement Hacks to Better Your Life

There are tons of self improvement websites trying to help you make your life better. While some concentrate on making you successful, there are others with relationship tips. Then there are those helping you with a healthier life.

Yes, self improvement has a range of things included in it, and you need to realize what you need. Here I present six self improvement tips to get you through your everyday life in a better way –

Self Improvement Hacks

1. Love Yourself

Do you have a favorite motivation website which you check every day? But nothing seems to work, is it? It won’t if you don’t love yourself.

We have a lot of people around who try to put us down in whatever we do or believe, eat, wear and the list is endless. So, we all need someone who is with us, and it’s none other than us. Accept who you are and know that you are special.

Unless you support yourself, you can’t live the life you dream and unleash the power within.

2. Meditate

You know that meditation relieves you from stress, right? But it also plays a crucial role in improving self. The effects of meditation take time to come to the surface. And once you notice them, you would like to keep meditating for long.

meditation in improving selfYou can start with 10-15 minutes every day, gradually increasing to what seems fit for you. By meditating, you can think better, get rid of junk thoughts and thus, move towards your goals.

3. Set Goals

One of the most important steps to have self growth is to set goals. Apart from setting long-term goals, you should also divide them into monthly (and daily) targets, and also, write them down.

You can’t achieve all in a day, so having short-term goals help. Start small and don’t worry if you couldn’t reach today’s target. Try to be at par tomorrow.

4. Readreading for better life

Reading is the easiest way to self development. You can start with your favorite theme, be it mystery or romance. Get into the habit of reading and once you get addicted make some way for self-help books too.

There is a book to get success in the job, live a happy life and also to deal with heartbreaks. Live a Life of No Regrets (Suzie Hayman) and How to Survive the Loss of a Love (Melba Colgrove) are some of the best self improvement books to start with.

5. Surround Yourself with Good People

You are the company you keep. You need people who bring positivity into your life, who motivate you. You can’t push people off your life but spending more time with those who cheer for you and also, help you, is possible.

6. Do Not Procrastinate

And the most important thing in improving self is to stop wasting time and concentrate on what’s necessary. Not all days are the same, and you may find yourself enjoying Netflix at times, but do take control of self.

Stop putting things off, and you will find your life better organized and less stressful.

Self-improvement doesn’t happen in a day, but it’s you who needs to initiate the process to make the self better. Baby steps!

3 Great Signs You are in the Right Relationship

How do you know if your in love?

If you find yourself asking this question, chances are you already found someone you want to spend your life with.

You respect each other, you value their opinions, you love being with each other but are you in love? What are the signs of being in love? How do you know you are in the right relationship?

Although not all are same and every relationship has ups and downs, there are some signs of a good relationship true for all.

signs of right relationship

1. Personal space and comfortable pace

Although people in love spend a lot of time together, it doesn’t mean you always have to be. A good relationship is the one in which each partner respects the importance of personal space and privacy.

Apart from being together, you need time for being yourself, and if your partner understands it, you’re all right.

Having time to spend with friends and for hobbies keeps you fresh and also lets the relationship grow at a comfortable pace.

Sometimes you may feel that the relationship is moving fast but feels right. Nothing feels uncomfortable or imbalanced.

In a healthy relationship, you have a mutual understanding, and no one forces the other to do something. Whatever you do, you do together and also are happy with it.

2. You trust themhealthy relationship

Speaking out your mind becomes easy when you believe each other. Talking about anything – be it good or bad – shows you are in a healthy relationship. You know they will be with you, will listen to your issues and still won’t judge you.

When the relationship feels right, you are always truthful and honest. You know you don’t need to tell them all, they trust you, but still, you don’t hold back.

You don’t have a fear of disappointing your better half, and you never feel like hiding anything from them.

You know you can trust them with your secrets and they won’t do anything to hurt you. The partners need to earn this trust, and if you already have it, you have found the right one.

3. You inspire each other

When someone decides to be in a relationship, they accept each other, even their flaws. But they inspire and motivate each other to be the best version of themselves.

You don’t need to change for them, nor do they have to, but you grow and get better together.
You appreciate each other, show you care and in a relationship, both make each other feel loved. You share your joys, the pain and don’t let the insignificant things affect your lives. And the most important, they are together whether the times are good or bad.

I hope you found your answer to “How do you know if you are in love?” You found someone and are willing to take the risk of getting hurt but still believing they won’t.

You’re scared to lose them. If all these sound true to you, it’s time to stop looking for a perfect partner anymore. You have found one, finally.

4 People Foods NOT to Feed Your Pet

No matter how much you love sharing your food, remember that there are many foods that are bad for dogs, cats and others.

Among those are some common foods which are very healthy, but only for humans. And here in this article, we talk about four such foods which are not only dangerous for your beloved pet but can be life-threatening.

1. Saltsalt is poisonous to dogs

First in our list of common foods poisonous to dogs is the common salt. Although a bit of potato chips here and there doesn’t hurt, consumption of salt in large quantities is harmful to dogs. Excess salt deprives them of water and leads to salt (or sodium ion) poisoning.

The symptoms include increased temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. Among the other problems are tremors, seizures and even death. So, try to keep fresh water available always, just in case.

2. Caffeinecaffeine harmful to dogs

Caffeine and any products containing caffeine – tea, coffee and also, chocolate – are harmful to dogs. Caffeine is also added to many soft drinks and sodas. Consumption of caffeine increases the heart rate, and the dog may experience excessive urination, thirst, vomiting and diarrhea.

It also stirs up the nervous system and can cause hyperactivity and restlessness. Seizures and tremors are also probabilities. So, try not to share your coffee with your pet. Even 1 mg per kg of body weight can be fatal.

3. Chocolate

OK, why is chocolate bad for dogs? Remember I mentioned above that chocolate has caffeine and it’s bad for them. But, it’s not only the caffeine. Chocolate also contains theobromine. And both these ingredients, if consumed, result in increased heartbeats and even seizures.

chocolate bad for dogsOther common problems faced by your pet are abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea. The severity, by the way, also depends on the type of chocolate ingested. The dark chocolates are the most dangerous and white chocolates, the least.

Thus, doesn’t matter what chocolate it is, keep your hands clean during festivals.

4. Onions

Even onion, whatever be the form, is one of the foods toxic to dogs. Onion – dry, raw, cooked or powdered – causes damage to the red blood cells and can lead to anemia.

These damaged cells also lose their ability to carry oxygen with them which lead to troubled breathing in pets.

Garlic also has a similar effect on the dogs and cats. Both of these foods contain thiosulphate which is responsible for the damage, and this ingredient is also present in chives.

While these aren’t harmful when given in small amounts, large amounts will cause problems like weakness and vomiting.

These toxic foods for pets are also found in some baby foods which people prefer to feed their pets when sick.

Yes, not all those which are healthy for humans go well with the pets. And the best way to keep your pets away from the associated health hazards is to keep the food items far from reach.

You may not know when your cat or dog tried its hand (or paw) on something, so better to take precautions. And get to the vet as soon as possible.

The 7 Best Health Benefits of Walking

There are quite a number of ways to get yourself fit. You can spend hours at the gym, or go swimming, running or biking but nothing is as simple as walking. But is walking good for you? Time to find out.

Walking is not only about staying fit or weight loss, and there are many other benefits of walking everyday.

Health Benefits of WalkingApart from the help in shedding some pounds, walking calms you down and also, clears your thoughts. It’s easy, one of the best daily exercises and only 30 minutes a day can work wonders.

Here I list some of the best health benefits of walking for you –

Sheds the Extra Pounds

One of the top benefits of walking everyday is that it keeps your body in shape. Yes, you don’t need to sweat out in gyms. Just wake up early and walk… every day.

A research study by Harvard shows that walking for only half an hour a day keeps the obesity genes in control.

It’s high time to pick your running shoes again.

Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

The longer you walk, the more are the chances of staying free of diseases. And even ten minutes of walking every day is effective in lowering the blood pressure. It’s a great way to treat hypertension and also decreases the chance of heart diseases.

Walking increases blood circulation, reduces cholesterol and by maintaining a proper heart rate, it improves the overall health of the heart.

Lowers Risk of Diabetestreatment of diabetes by walking

Walking daily is also beneficial for those having a sweet tooth. Walking increases the activity of insulin and thus, can aid in the treatment of diabetes. It also helps in effective utilization of insulin by your muscles and keeps the blood sugar levelled.

And by minimizing stress levels, walking also reduces cravings for chocolate.

Reduces Stress

When the workload is increasing, and you aren’t able to concentrate, you need a walk. Distraction is the best way to clear your mind, and a brisk 10-minute walk can lower stress levels.

Find yourself a garden or park and do nothing except walking. Just look through the surrounding and enjoy a few moments away from stress.

Boosts Immune System

walking decreases the chance of heart diseasesNot only is walking beneficial for critical diseases but also controls those related to immunity. By making the immune system strong, walking keeps common problems like cold, cough and flu away.

The body takes its own sweet time but walking regularly for 15-20 minutes daily, lowers the chances of getting sick by about 40%.

Strengthens Memory

Walking also gives a boost to your brain. Our mental ability decreases as we age. Taking short walks daily, however, not only slows the decline but also boosts our memory power. Only 30 minutes daily can keep your memory evergreen for long.

Aids in making Balancewalk and balance

Weak muscles and balance loss is another problem we face as we grow. But regular walks can help strengthen the muscles of your lower body and thus, keep you upright. Walk up and down the stairs and go hiking while you still can.

Now that you know why walking is good for you, when will you start. Don’t plan, just do it.