Calvin’s Story

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You may have already heard this famous quote about happiness, but for me it created a turning point of my spiritual life. I’m Calvin Dude from San Francisco and I have been searching for the meaning of life ever since I was a teenager.

CalvinUnfortunately, in my teenage years, I was not one of those with future goals and plans.

I was stubborn, got expelled from College and I was heading for a self destructive pattern of lifestyle.

As if my destiny had better plans for me, I came across this quote when I was at my friend’s house playing video games and I couldn’t help contemplating my life against it.

Am I happy?

No, I was not. What I wanted to do and what I actually did were total opposites.

I knew I’m going downhill and I did not know what to do with my life anymore.

I wanted to know about ways I can make my life happier and I cannot say that I was disappointed. I was able to get in touch with personal development programs and I felt their positive effects on my life.

I was actually starting to enjoy my life. Surprisingly, I was able to help others with my upbeat and positive attitude.

My family and friends started coming to me to find solutions for their life problems and I was more than happy to help them.

Somewhere between these discussions and congratulations, I had this amazing idea to share my knowledge with the world and the advance in technology has paved me a great method to connect with other people.

At, I share my thoughts and aspects about life. From health and religions to travel and holiday ideas I want to add a touch of happiness to your lives.

I have a great faith on my work and I hope my humble attempt will enlighten the lives of my readers.