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Automated Screw Driving Systems - A Step Towards To Fully Automated Assembly Line

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Automated Screw Driving Systems - A Step Towards To Fully Automated Assembly Line

Automated Screw Driving Systems - A Step Towards To Fully Automated Assembly Line 

Automation is emerging as the new paradigm shift in manufacturing industries. From screw feeders to transfer lines to screw driving mechanisms, most industrial assemblies today are either partially or fully-automated. 

The primary factors driving this change are increased productivity and accuracy, improved quality, and higher speed and reliability. 

Not just this, automated screw driving systems have evolved greatly, incorporating several functionalities in a single device. This article looks at the different trends in automated screw driving systems. 

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Higher adaptability

Speaking of automatic screw driving applications, they have not only helped reduce production cycles by adding speed, but have also added flexibility. 

Modern applications are being designed such that they can be applied to varied production cycles, and adapted to different screw sizes and screw fastening locations. This comes as a very important feature especially where product prototypes are constantly redesigned and it may not always be possible to change equipment to suit the changing requirements. 

Not just this, engineers are integrating fully-automatic screw driving systems into assembly lines so as to reduce operator interference to the minimum. They are designed to adapt to different power supplies while keeping in mind energy efficiency and ease of set up.  This allows flexibility in terms of global use, especially where equipment is being produced in one location, purchased in another and used in yet another. 

Reduced Feeding and Fastening Time 

Manual fastening of a screw takes a while. The person has to sort and pick a screw from the bin, place it where it must be fitted and finally fix it.  Auto feed screw driving systems dispense with the need for it. 

Feed tubes connected to the screw driving assembly dispense screws. From there, they align with the fastener bit followed by being positioned over the fastening location until they are driven. The parameters such as torque, angle of rotation, tightening speed and direction are pre-programmed giving one complete control over the screw driving process. 

Robotic systems 

This is yet another trend in screw driving. Auto feed electric screwdrivers are being fixed to robotic systems. They work side-by-side with operators,  completing and directing tasks on an assembly line. 

These collaborative tools are relatively safe to use. However, they require a heavy investment budget to get started with. 

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Data Driven Solutions 

In most cases the notion of an automatic screw fastening machine is that of an electric screwdriver used to fasten screws at a desired location. 

Modern automatic screw driving tools also include a provision to track data related to the fastening process. This enables engineers and designers to take data-driven decisions concerning torque control,  product assembly, relocating fasteners, angle graphs etc. They also help track and trace errors in the fastening process, if any, and implement measures to remedy them. Such kind of data analytics helps ensure the highest quality standards for products. In addition to that, the data can help prepare for and deal with cases of equipment failure.  These systems can also count the number of screw fastened as well as the extra ones dropped or shipped to customers. 

The data collected thus is extremely valuable in high demand industries such as the medical equipment industry, consumer electronics, automotive and in the aerospace manufacturing industry. 

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