Why Guest Posting is Great Way to Promote Your Website

If you’re yet to start marketing your website, guest posting (or blogging) is a great way to do that. But what is guest blogging? It is a method used by owners to increase traffic to their sites.

Guest PostingBlog sites have guest post service where a contributing writer can write content. The site allows one or two links within the article that will take people to the writer’s website.

Have you seen “This post was written by” written at the end of blog posts? Guest bloggers write those posts and here are the most important benefits of guest blogging –

Increases traffic and Brand Awareness

As said above, guest blogging is a way to increase traffic. When you write on sites relative to your niche, people will visit the link to your site and will check what you have to offer.

increase web trafficFor example, some of the best blog sites may have 10,000 visitors daily, of which 2,000 read your blog. While not all will visit your website, you can expect that a few hundred will do.

Writing on related sites provides not only traffic but high-quality traffic. Also, when you write as a guest author, you get exposure in the industry.

Those 2000 people who read your guest post, now know about you. And more guest posts you write, more you expose yourself.

Helps build a portfolio

Apart from redirecting people to your sites, guest posting also helps build up your writing portfolio. It is a way to show people that you do what you say you can do.

You build a portfolio and also reach an audience on a broader scale. Moreover, when you have a collection of articles written for big blogs, it increases your credibility.

Also, you get an opportunity to influence the lives of others by giving them valuable information through your articles. People will remember you for a long time, and nothing’s better than word-of-mouth marketing, isn’t it?

Puts you higher in search engines

Yes, one of the perks of guest blogging is it helps better your search engine rankings. The sites which publish your posts as guest writers include a link to your website.

search engine rankingsAs more and more blog sites backlink to your blog, it increases your value for the search engines, and your site gets a higher ranking in searches.

Apart from higher search engine rankings, it also helps in raising the Domain Authority (DA) score of your site.

How to find guest blogging opportunities?

When you’re looking for sites with guest blogging opportunities, the first thing you need is a site relevant to your industry. Something like guest articles wanted or guest poster wanted will bring up relevant sites in search results.

You can also go for write for us or submit a post to find blogs that are open to guest posting opportunities.

Not all the sites will accept your ideas and articles if you’re still unknown to many. So, start small, but once you have some quality pieces in your portfolio, you’ll have better chances with the top blog sites.

Now that you know the reasons to guest post become a guest blogger or hire someone to do it for you.