In-demand careers in New York City


New York is a gigantic city, and in order to function normally, there is an amazing amount of different job that is keeping the city running. As with any other big city, the demand for a variety of careers is high, and that is why so many people are each year deciding to move to New York, to try and find the job that will allow them to do what they love. Here is the list of the most wanted careers in New York City.

  1. Barista – This is a career that allows you to earn the regular hourly pay, but it also gives you the chance to earn barista-training-nyctips, which can sometimes on the end of the month, in total, be higher than the regular salary. However, in order to earn big tips, and have a chance to advance in the coffee industry, you must be a certified barista, and the only way to become certified is to pass the barista training NYC. There you will upgrade your coffee making skills, but you will likewise be able to open up and run your own business (if you decide to do that one day), but another great thing with barista training programs is that the schools that organize those programs, are usually connected with employers, meaning that you will probably have a reserved job immediately after finishing the training.
  2. Actors – Good actors are always wanted in NYC, and if you are good and ace the casting, you can be hired to play in theaters, television, music, or promotional videos, commercials, movies or even radio. In order to perform great on the casting, you must be ready to interpret comic or serious roles, by speech, gesture, as well as body movement. Singing and dancing are a big plus in this kind of work as well.
  3. Bartenders – Since there are thousands of cafes and clubs in New York, good bartenders are always wanted. In order to find a job as one, you have to be able to mix and serve drinks to customers, through waiters or directly at the bar.
  4. Bartender helpers, and cafeteria and dining room attendants – In this line of work, you are expected to remove dirty dishes, replace soiled table linens, clean tables, as well as set tables, and reload the supply of glassware, dishes, silverware, and clean linens. You are also expected to serve the customers with coffee, water, and condiments.
  5. Bus, School Bus or Special Client drivers – This isn’t always a wanted profession in New York. As a professional driver, you can be hired to transport special clients like elderly people, or people with disadvantages, as well as students. Your job is to provide them a safe transport, follow the safety rules, and if needed, provide assistance to passengers when they are entering or exiting the bus.