How Fitness Tech Can Get You Healthy

As much as we say that the opinion of another on our body doesn’t matter, I deeply know now that it does. I’ve found over the years, that looking in shape always boosts confidence and mood, but above all, it’s about being healthy.

But staying healthy and fit has never been easy for me because I could never keep myself in check and on track. The answer to that was probably a health instructor, which again seemed like a hectic task to me. The easier solution? Fitness gear.

Fitness Tech Can Get You HealthyIt’s the year 2017, and I strongly stand for technology making things easier for me, and fitness tech has done exactly that.

What is Fitness Tech?

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that fitness tech is the cool gadget I can strap around my wrist, arm, waist, or ankle while working out. It tells me exactly what to do, when to do it, and also keeps check that I do not work myself to death. (Who am I kidding, it makes sure I don’t workout less)

The watch, anklet, or belt is strapped around me and linked to my phone, and reminds me and plans out for me exactly what I require.

Ease of Use and Pros

I found the use of watches much more convenient in my case simply because the watch covered most areas regarding my daily routine for me. Watches such as Fitbit Watch, Apple Watch, are perfectly designed for this job.

fitbit watch fitnessThe watch, which was linked to the app on my cell, firstly remained on my wrist reminding me each second, when I was supposed to work out and when I was supposed to eat. It helped me to compose a daily plan.

My daily watching distance, my running distance, my cholesterol, heart rate, breathing rate, were all recorded by the watch and were kept in a record. I was able to keep a time check on how long I was supposed to work out on which machine and was reminded on a daily basis what area I was supposed to work out on a particular day.

Gradually, my meals also became timed, and I knew how much of what component I was supposed to take in daily. For someone like me, this all seemed hectic until the watch made it all the easier for me.

Once I got my routine on track, my health started falling back into its place. (I was a healthy kid) I’m as good now as I was when my mom looked after me and cooked me those hearty homemade meals. (Not calling it a replacement) fitness tech has helped me keep a good check on myself, and I guess that is the beauty of our tech era.

Other Fitness Tech

apple watch fitness activityAside from Fitbit watch and Apple watch, there are certainly other technologies that have helped me maintain my health. Air purifiers help me breathe better, sleepwear has made it easier to release stress after a workout, and so the endless possibilities.

Bottom line, fitness tech is the new cool.

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