3 Great Signs You are in the Right Relationship

How do you know if your in love?

If you find yourself asking this question, chances are you already found someone you want to spend your life with.

You respect each other, you value their opinions, you love being with each other but are you in love? What are the signs of being in love? How do you know you are in the right relationship?

Although not all are same and every relationship has ups and downs, there are some signs of a good relationship true for all.

signs of right relationship

1. Personal space and comfortable pace

Although people in love spend a lot of time together, it doesn’t mean you always have to be. A good relationship is the one in which each partner respects the importance of personal space and privacy.

Apart from being together, you need time for being yourself, and if your partner understands it, you’re all right.

Having time to spend with friends and for hobbies keeps you fresh and also lets the relationship grow at a comfortable pace.

Sometimes you may feel that the relationship is moving fast but feels right. Nothing feels uncomfortable or imbalanced.

In a healthy relationship, you have a mutual understanding, and no one forces the other to do something. Whatever you do, you do together and also are happy with it.

2. You trust themhealthy relationship

Speaking out your mind becomes easy when you believe each other. Talking about anything – be it good or bad – shows you are in a healthy relationship. You know they will be with you, will listen to your issues and still won’t judge you.

When the relationship feels right, you are always truthful and honest. You know you don’t need to tell them all, they trust you, but still, you don’t hold back.

You don’t have a fear of disappointing your better half, and you never feel like hiding anything from them.

You know you can trust them with your secrets and they won’t do anything to hurt you. The partners need to earn this trust, and if you already have it, you have found the right one.

3. You inspire each other

When someone decides to be in a relationship, they accept each other, even their flaws. But they inspire and motivate each other to be the best version of themselves.

You don’t need to change for them, nor do they have to, but you grow and get better together.
You appreciate each other, show you care and in a relationship, both make each other feel loved. You share your joys, the pain and don’t let the insignificant things affect your lives. And the most important, they are together whether the times are good or bad.

I hope you found your answer to “How do you know if you are in love?” You found someone and are willing to take the risk of getting hurt but still believing they won’t.

You’re scared to lose them. If all these sound true to you, it’s time to stop looking for a perfect partner anymore. You have found one, finally.

4 People Foods NOT to Feed Your Pet

No matter how much you love sharing your food, remember that there are many foods that are bad for dogs, cats and others.

Among those are some common foods which are very healthy, but only for humans. And here in this article, we talk about four such foods which are not only dangerous for your beloved pet but can be life-threatening.

1. Saltsalt is poisonous to dogs

First in our list of common foods poisonous to dogs is the common salt. Although a bit of potato chips here and there doesn’t hurt, consumption of salt in large quantities is harmful to dogs. Excess salt deprives them of water and leads to salt (or sodium ion) poisoning.

The symptoms include increased temperature, vomiting and diarrhea. Among the other problems are tremors, seizures and even death. So, try to keep fresh water available always, just in case.

2. Caffeinecaffeine harmful to dogs

Caffeine and any products containing caffeine – tea, coffee and also, chocolate – are harmful to dogs. Caffeine is also added to many soft drinks and sodas. Consumption of caffeine increases the heart rate, and the dog may experience excessive urination, thirst, vomiting and diarrhea.

It also stirs up the nervous system and can cause hyperactivity and restlessness. Seizures and tremors are also probabilities. So, try not to share your coffee with your pet. Even 1 mg per kg of body weight can be fatal.

3. Chocolate

OK, why is chocolate bad for dogs? Remember I mentioned above that chocolate has caffeine and it’s bad for them. But, it’s not only the caffeine. Chocolate also contains theobromine. And both these ingredients, if consumed, result in increased heartbeats and even seizures.

chocolate bad for dogsOther common problems faced by your pet are abdominal pains, vomiting and diarrhea. The severity, by the way, also depends on the type of chocolate ingested. The dark chocolates are the most dangerous and white chocolates, the least.

Thus, doesn’t matter what chocolate it is, keep your hands clean during festivals.

4. Onions

Even onion, whatever be the form, is one of the foods toxic to dogs. Onion – dry, raw, cooked or powdered – causes damage to the red blood cells and can lead to anemia.

These damaged cells also lose their ability to carry oxygen with them which lead to troubled breathing in pets.

Garlic also has a similar effect on the dogs and cats. Both of these foods contain thiosulphate which is responsible for the damage, and this ingredient is also present in chives.

While these aren’t harmful when given in small amounts, large amounts will cause problems like weakness and vomiting.

These toxic foods for pets are also found in some baby foods which people prefer to feed their pets when sick.

Yes, not all those which are healthy for humans go well with the pets. And the best way to keep your pets away from the associated health hazards is to keep the food items far from reach.

You may not know when your cat or dog tried its hand (or paw) on something, so better to take precautions. And get to the vet as soon as possible.

The 7 Best Health Benefits of Walking

There are quite a number of ways to get yourself fit. You can spend hours at the gym, or go swimming, running or biking but nothing is as simple as walking. But is walking good for you? Time to find out.

Walking is not only about staying fit or weight loss, and there are many other benefits of walking everyday.

Health Benefits of WalkingApart from the help in shedding some pounds, walking calms you down and also, clears your thoughts. It’s easy, one of the best daily exercises and only 30 minutes a day can work wonders.

Here I list some of the best health benefits of walking for you –

Sheds the Extra Pounds

One of the top benefits of walking everyday is that it keeps your body in shape. Yes, you don’t need to sweat out in gyms. Just wake up early and walk… every day.

A research study by Harvard shows that walking for only half an hour a day keeps the obesity genes in control.

It’s high time to pick your running shoes again.

Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

The longer you walk, the more are the chances of staying free of diseases. And even ten minutes of walking every day is effective in lowering the blood pressure. It’s a great way to treat hypertension and also decreases the chance of heart diseases.

Walking increases blood circulation, reduces cholesterol and by maintaining a proper heart rate, it improves the overall health of the heart.

Lowers Risk of Diabetestreatment of diabetes by walking

Walking daily is also beneficial for those having a sweet tooth. Walking increases the activity of insulin and thus, can aid in the treatment of diabetes. It also helps in effective utilization of insulin by your muscles and keeps the blood sugar levelled.

And by minimizing stress levels, walking also reduces cravings for chocolate.

Reduces Stress

When the workload is increasing, and you aren’t able to concentrate, you need a walk. Distraction is the best way to clear your mind, and a brisk 10-minute walk can lower stress levels.

Find yourself a garden or park and do nothing except walking. Just look through the surrounding and enjoy a few moments away from stress.

Boosts Immune System

walking decreases the chance of heart diseasesNot only is walking beneficial for critical diseases but also controls those related to immunity. By making the immune system strong, walking keeps common problems like cold, cough and flu away.

The body takes its own sweet time but walking regularly for 15-20 minutes daily, lowers the chances of getting sick by about 40%.

Strengthens Memory

Walking also gives a boost to your brain. Our mental ability decreases as we age. Taking short walks daily, however, not only slows the decline but also boosts our memory power. Only 30 minutes daily can keep your memory evergreen for long.

Aids in making Balancewalk and balance

Weak muscles and balance loss is another problem we face as we grow. But regular walks can help strengthen the muscles of your lower body and thus, keep you upright. Walk up and down the stairs and go hiking while you still can.

Now that you know why walking is good for you, when will you start. Don’t plan, just do it.

5 Top Tips for Building Muscles

Building muscles and getting the body in shape can be hard but not impossible. We all know that to build muscle you need to store energy but to lose body fat, you have to lose energy.

So, what is the best way to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?
You need a plan. A plan that maintains the balance between the physical activity and the diet is the need of the hour.

And you also need a balance between activities like lifting heavy weights and cardiovascular exercises.

So, here are few tips to gain muscle and also lose fat –

Set a Goal

The first step to getting your body in shape and achieve the fitness and power you desire is to make a target. I know you want to lose weight but how much?

You can never achieve a target if it’s not clear. Not only hard work, but it also needs determination and self-control, a lot.

If you aren’t serious and don’t set a goal, you won’t have a reason to get started with your plan. But be realistic and remember that you can’t achieve all in a week.

Eat Enough

One of the mistakes many people make is to cut down their dietary requirements and not to eat enough. Well, am not saying to eat whatever you like but you need a diet to follow, to maintain the ideal body weight.

dietary requirements for building musclesYes, you need protein but use the supplements in limits. A little carbohydrate is good, by the way. Too much of it, however, results in the fat build-up.

So, get prepared to consume veggies, fruits, eggs, and beans at a regular interval of, say, three hours.

Don’t eat a lot at once. Eat only that much calorie which you can shed.

Do Cardio

Apart from a diet plan, you also need an exercise plan. And cardiovascular exercises are a great way to burn those calories consumed above. Start with 15-20 minutes of running or biking every day. Then, you can go swimming or even dance.

cardiovascular exercises for building musclesYou can increase the duration to 30-45 minutes but don’t attempt them all in a day. You will risk having a breakdown and also, won’t be able to do sufficient strength training.

Weight Traininglift weights to gain muscles

While cardio increases the metabolism rate, you also need to lift weights to gain muscles. But don’t attempt it every day. Do cardio and weight training on alternate days, thus, giving your body a chance to recover.

Again, don’t stress on a single exercise there. Get yourself prepared for a combination of squat, pull-up, deadlift and others.

And while you are at it, take precautions while lifting weights. You don’t want to injure yourself trying to lift the heaviest one available.

Drink Plenty of Watergain muscle by drinking water

Last but not the least, have a gallon of water every day. You can leave without food for days, but not without water. The body uses it for many processes, and it also assists in the fat loss and prevents dehydration.

Now that you know how to gain muscle and lose fat get started with your schedule. However, if you want you can have a cheat day for some extra calories.

But, do cheat only if you are determined to be on the program from the next day again.

Why Guest Posting is Great Way to Promote Your Website

If you’re yet to start marketing your website, guest posting (or blogging) is a great way to do that. But what is guest blogging? It is a method used by owners to increase traffic to their sites.

Guest PostingBlog sites have guest post service where a contributing writer can write content. The site allows one or two links within the article that will take people to the writer’s website.

Have you seen “This post was written by” written at the end of blog posts? Guest bloggers write those posts and here are the most important benefits of guest blogging –

Increases traffic and Brand Awareness

As said above, guest blogging is a way to increase traffic. When you write on sites relative to your niche, people will visit the link to your site and will check what you have to offer.

increase web trafficFor example, some of the best blog sites may have 10,000 visitors daily, of which 2,000 read your blog. While not all will visit your website, you can expect that a few hundred will do.

Writing on related sites provides not only traffic but high-quality traffic. Also, when you write as a guest author, you get exposure in the industry.

Those 2000 people who read your guest post, now know about you. And more guest posts you write, more you expose yourself.

Helps build a portfolio

Apart from redirecting people to your sites, guest posting also helps build up your writing portfolio. It is a way to show people that you do what you say you can do.

You build a portfolio and also reach an audience on a broader scale. Moreover, when you have a collection of articles written for big blogs, it increases your credibility.

Also, you get an opportunity to influence the lives of others by giving them valuable information through your articles. People will remember you for a long time, and nothing’s better than word-of-mouth marketing, isn’t it?

Puts you higher in search engines

Yes, one of the perks of guest blogging is it helps better your search engine rankings. The sites which publish your posts as guest writers include a link to your website.

search engine rankingsAs more and more blog sites backlink to your blog, it increases your value for the search engines, and your site gets a higher ranking in searches.

Apart from higher search engine rankings, it also helps in raising the Domain Authority (DA) score of your site.

How to find guest blogging opportunities?

When you’re looking for sites with guest blogging opportunities, the first thing you need is a site relevant to your industry. Something like guest articles wanted or guest poster wanted will bring up relevant sites in search results.

You can also go for write for us or submit a post to find blogs that are open to guest posting opportunities.

Not all the sites will accept your ideas and articles if you’re still unknown to many. So, start small, but once you have some quality pieces in your portfolio, you’ll have better chances with the top blog sites.

Now that you know the reasons to guest post become a guest blogger or hire someone to do it for you.

How Fitness Tech Can Get You Healthy

As much as we say that the opinion of another on our body doesn’t matter, I deeply know now that it does. I’ve found over the years, that looking in shape always boosts confidence and mood, but above all, it’s about being healthy.

But staying healthy and fit has never been easy for me because I could never keep myself in check and on track. The answer to that was probably a health instructor, which again seemed like a hectic task to me. The easier solution? Fitness gear.

Fitness Tech Can Get You HealthyIt’s the year 2017, and I strongly stand for technology making things easier for me, and fitness tech has done exactly that.

What is Fitness Tech?

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that fitness tech is the cool gadget I can strap around my wrist, arm, waist, or ankle while working out. It tells me exactly what to do, when to do it, and also keeps check that I do not work myself to death. (Who am I kidding, it makes sure I don’t workout less)

The watch, anklet, or belt is strapped around me and linked to my phone, and reminds me and plans out for me exactly what I require.

Ease of Use and Pros

I found the use of watches much more convenient in my case simply because the watch covered most areas regarding my daily routine for me. Watches such as Fitbit Watch, Apple Watch, are perfectly designed for this job.

fitbit watch fitnessThe watch, which was linked to the app on my cell, firstly remained on my wrist reminding me each second, when I was supposed to work out and when I was supposed to eat. It helped me to compose a daily plan.

My daily watching distance, my running distance, my cholesterol, heart rate, breathing rate, were all recorded by the watch and were kept in a record. I was able to keep a time check on how long I was supposed to work out on which machine and was reminded on a daily basis what area I was supposed to work out on a particular day.

Gradually, my meals also became timed, and I knew how much of what component I was supposed to take in daily. For someone like me, this all seemed hectic until the watch made it all the easier for me.

Once I got my routine on track, my health started falling back into its place. (I was a healthy kid) I’m as good now as I was when my mom looked after me and cooked me those hearty homemade meals. (Not calling it a replacement) fitness tech has helped me keep a good check on myself, and I guess that is the beauty of our tech era.

Other Fitness Tech

apple watch fitness activityAside from Fitbit watch and Apple watch, there are certainly other technologies that have helped me maintain my health. Air purifiers help me breathe better, sleepwear has made it easier to release stress after a workout, and so the endless possibilities.

Bottom line, fitness tech is the new cool.

The Top 5 Gadgets to Take When Travelling

Ah yes, it’s that momentous time again when you pack your bags, wave your consistent life goodbye for a while, and go on vacation. You can go to Las Vegas or Sri Lanka, by plane or by foot. However, despite your idea of a vacation, being world’s apart from the next person’s, one thing is for sure: you saved room in your bags for a few gadgets.

Gadgets to Take When TravellingHonestly, why wouldn’t you? We’re living amidst the technical revolution, and our lives revolve around technology. There is one problem though; packaging constraints force you to only take along a few gadgets with you. So, what should you pack? How about something from our list of the top five gadgets to bring when traveling.

1. MACALLY Battery Pack

MACALLY Battery PackTo start you off, let’s talk about something people need. A lot of the time, people neglect to bring along this important item with them on holiday – a battery pack. Sure, you remember to bring the charger for each one of your gadgets, but the truth is they won’t come in handy on every occasion. You might be in a hotel room where the plugs don’t work, or some other place where the power keeps fluctuating and the risk of short circuiting your device is too big to take. I can not put enough stress on the need for packing a battery pack with you while you’re on holiday and what better battery pack than the MACALLY battery pack. This cost-efficient, yet long-lasting battery pack has a 2600mAh battery capacity to fully charge your Apple iPhone in 1.5 hours. This battery pack takes up least space, in fact, you can just use it as hand luggage. Features include an integrated lightning connector to support your iPhone & iPod; built-in battery level LED indicator and a mini USB cable.

2. Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband

While traveling, we sometimes get so immersed in our shift from a consistent life, that we tend to stop focusing for a minute or two. That’s where the Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband comes in handy. Whether it’s how much you walked, how much you eat or how much you slept that day, your Fitbit keeps track of it all.

3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This list revolves around the top gadgets that would put the traveler at ease, and it wouldn’t have been complete without noise canceling headphones. Whether it’s to block out whatever the guy next to you on the plane is saying or to listening to music, one thing’s for sure, you won’t be a nuisance to anyone else, and they definitely won’t be a nuisance to you. The Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones are our top pick for this category. They’re long-lasting, super efficient and look amazing. Trifecta!

4. Samsung Galaxy S5

The first thing (probably the only thing) you double check to make sure you’ve brought along with you before you locked your apartment, was your phone. For traveling, no phone is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5. You would have to pay full price on T-mobile, but the service plans are tremendously better than those for other United States services. Free texting and data in more than 120 countries by simply turning on your phone and enabling roaming. You won’t be charged for a thing.

5. GoPro Hero 4 Camera GoPro Hero 4 Camera

And finally, something that’ll keep your travels forever. The GoPro Hero 4 camera is a modern alternative to whatever your dad used in the 1980’s. Today, you can use the GoPro anywhere and at anytime to take insanely good videos with. Not only that, but it’s extremely easy to handle and to use. Worth every penny.
And don’t worry plenty more from me, I’m back!

In-demand careers in New York City


New York is a gigantic city, and in order to function normally, there is an amazing amount of different job that is keeping the city running. As with any other big city, the demand for a variety of careers is high, and that is why so many people are each year deciding to move to New York, to try and find the job that will allow them to do what they love. Here is the list of the most wanted careers in New York City.

  1. Barista – This is a career that allows you to earn the regular hourly pay, but it also gives you the chance to earn barista-training-nyctips, which can sometimes on the end of the month, in total, be higher than the regular salary. However, in order to earn big tips, and have a chance to advance in the coffee industry, you must be a certified barista, and the only way to become certified is to pass the barista training NYC. There you will upgrade your coffee making skills, but you will likewise be able to open up and run your own business (if you decide to do that one day), but another great thing with barista training programs is that the schools that organize those programs, are usually connected with employers, meaning that you will probably have a reserved job immediately after finishing the training.
  2. Actors – Good actors are always wanted in NYC, and if you are good and ace the casting, you can be hired to play in theaters, television, music, or promotional videos, commercials, movies or even radio. In order to perform great on the casting, you must be ready to interpret comic or serious roles, by speech, gesture, as well as body movement. Singing and dancing are a big plus in this kind of work as well.
  3. Bartenders – Since there are thousands of cafes and clubs in New York, good bartenders are always wanted. In order to find a job as one, you have to be able to mix and serve drinks to customers, through waiters or directly at the bar.
  4. Bartender helpers, and cafeteria and dining room attendants – In this line of work, you are expected to remove dirty dishes, replace soiled table linens, clean tables, as well as set tables, and reload the supply of glassware, dishes, silverware, and clean linens. You are also expected to serve the customers with coffee, water, and condiments.
  5. Bus, School Bus or Special Client drivers – This isn’t always a wanted profession in New York. As a professional driver, you can be hired to transport special clients like elderly people, or people with disadvantages, as well as students. Your job is to provide them a safe transport, follow the safety rules, and if needed, provide assistance to passengers when they are entering or exiting the bus.

How I Keep Healthy! Ultimate Supplement Savings Guide

Nutritious foods and supplements are necessary to keep your body healthy. However, they are not exactly cheap. In fact, they are more expensive than unhealthy products such as fast food and junk food. If you have a busy work schedule and you spend all day in front of the computer, the thought of giving in to take-outs and pizza delivery may be tempting. After all, it is easy and convenient. Preparing and cooking your own meals take a lot of time, effort, and energy.


If this is the nature of your work, it is not surprising if you gain weight. You sit all day, every day. If you stay this way, you will not only get fatter, but you will also be sickly. You will be prone to diseases and obesity. Hence, you have to start changing your ways. In spite of your busy schedule, you have to take the time to exercise and have a balanced diet.

If you have a tight budget, do not worry because you can still live a healthy lifestyle. Even if you cannot afford to go to the gym, you can still exercise at home or jog outside. There are plenty of exercises that do not require gym equipment. You can also try yoga. All you need is a yoga mat. You can practice yoga at home.

Nutritious foods may be more expensive than fast food, but they should be something you have to invest in. Do not forget to include supplements in your diet. You can save money by using an iHerb promo code. Just keep in mind that health supplements are never meant to substitute the real thing. You still have to eat good food. The supplements you take will just ensure that your body receives all the nutrients it needs.

Another way to save money on supplements is to take advantage of drug store rewards. You may also use coupons, gift cards, or buy one and get one for free. If you are a regular customer, the store may give you promos and discounts. 20% off on a bottle of health supplements is not bad at all. Do not forget to check the expiration date.

You may also try using your prescription coverage. Ask the doctor if your vitamins can be purchased as prescriptions. With a prescription coverage, you can get a bunch of vitamins for less than how much you normally pay for them. Buying in bulk usually saves you money. It is also better to get discounted supplements from well-known brands than pay in full for no-name brands that have not yet proven their reliability and quality.

Then again, see to it that you do not stock up on anything until you try it. With all the great deals available, it is easy to hoard and stock up on supplements. However, all of these will be useless if you are allergic to some of the ingredients or the products just do not work effectively on you. Hence, you have to try them out for a while to see if they have positive effects on your body before you buy many.

Medical Negligence, What is it?

I have heard of medical negligence several times and have a basic understanding that it is a representation of something bad. However, when I researched more about it, I was alarmed upon finding out that it has become the number 3 cause of mortality in the UK over the past few years.

A medical malpractice is either an act or an omission of professional care in which the treatment given to the patient falls below the standard of health care in the community. Most cases involve errors in provision of treatment or care, which lead to either worsening of the patient condition, or even death.

legal_affairs-for medical-negligence

As a health care provider myself, I am very much aware of the standards of care required to be delivered to clients. It is startling to find out that quite a number of health care professionals still deviate from these standards. Facing a medical negligence claim is a tedious task to resolve, therefore, it is important that we know how to avoid being caught in one.

Here are 4 simple ways to avoid the medical negligence trap:

1. Be knowledgeable about your health condition.

It has been my routine to research about the diverse symptoms I am undergoing prior to seeking medical help, this way, I am able to arm myself with information I need regarding my case. A medical assessment is the most important, but it would be helpful if you understand what your doctor is telling you. Once your doctor had diagnosed your condition, the more you need to understand what it is. If he/she is considering specific treatments, be sure to research on those treatments as well.

2. Establish rapport with your medical team.

I usually take time to meet my other doctors in cases where I need other treatment such as surgery. Establishing an initial relationship with them can help me feel a little more at ease. It is also helpful to clarify any questions and curiosities you have regarding the procedure. By doing this, I give them an idea that I am open to be educated about the procedure, and that I too have done my share of studying or researching about the medical procedure.

3. Ensure that the institution the treatment is being done has client advocacy.

When patients are making medical negligence claims, the institution where the act happened is most likely to get involved in the resolution of the problem. While most are willing to help solve the case, some however, have the tendency to wash their hands to avoid negative publicity – this is something we need to avoid.

4. Consider talking with the involved parties professionally.

legal-rightsSometimes, the stress of being in such a situation gets the best of us, but we need to realize that it is likewise important to iron things out (if possible) with the parties involved. There might be certain reasons why the act was done and there might be the possibility of resolution, without having to reach legal actions.

Whichever angle you examine the situation from, there is always the chance of you being on the other side. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes and the motives of why and how such things happen. Yes, it is indeed a stressful situation for both parties, but learning to prepare for the worth might just save ourselves from being involved in this chaos.