& # 039; Stupidest & # 039; Trump lie of 2020: White House nailed over strange weather Tweet

The White House

President Donald Trump's White House is under fire on Sunday after a tweet critics already call the “stupidest” lie of 2020.

And it's all about the weather.

What would be an undisputed message most days, the White House tweeted about snow:

The White House

The White House

The White House

The problem? Not only did it snow in Washington on Sunday, it was also unusually warm and the temperatures peaked at 68. And if it had snowed, it wouldn't have been the first time in the year for the capital.

That happened on Tuesday. Indeed, the image for that date appears in the White House's Flickr feed.

The tweet may have been written on Tuesday but not sent out in the wake of the Iran crisis. If so, it is not clear why it was broadcast on Sunday when it was clearly not snowing in Washington.

The Washington Post reported last month that Trump has unleashed a blizzard of lies with more than 15,000 false or misleading claims since taking office in 2017.

Some have been over the weather.

At some point, Trump showed a manipulated card to make false claims about a nonexistent hurricane threat.

Critics on Twitter say, however, that his government, which is lying about an even more easily verifiable weather event, should have a special place on the list: