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The Senedd

The Senedd


Mark Drakeford: "We cannot have only one council of despair"

The Welsh Prime Minister dismissed the criticism of some of the members of his party's assembly for his record as leader of the Welsh government.

Mark Drakeford said the Labor group at the Senedd was a place for a "solid discussion" where members "exchange ideas all the time."

He was responding to criticism from AM workers that the Welsh government needs to be "much more radical."

Some claimed that he had been "complacent" about Labor's election result.

After the December elections, Drakeford said he did not believe that the Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn project was discredited, and that the party should continue with the "basic message" that Labor "represents something better."

However, several Labor AMs told BBC Wales that on Tuesday, the first Labor group meeting since the elections, there was widespread criticism about Drakeford's electoral analysis.

Speaking about criticism of the BBC Politics Wales program, he said: "We cannot have only one council of despair because we also have to consider our strengths."

"In the end, we couldn't persuade people that we were a credible government waiting and we have to face the fact that we didn't do it and that we have to do better in the future."

"The fight starts here in Wales."


Drakeford said the Labor group at the Senedd was a place for "a solid discussion."

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In a Twitter exchange last month, two Labor AMs discussed the Prime Minister's record with Alun Davies, AM of Blaenau Gwent, saying that the Welsh government "It needs to be much more radical and agile than last year".

He said he wanted Drakeford "to be more radical," and that "there was no discussion or tolerance of different views" within the Labor group.

Swansea East AM of Labor, Mike Hedges, too criticized the Welsh government under Drakeford's leadership of being "a continuation of Carwyn Jones," its predecessor.

Drakeford said: "The Labor group is a place where people exchange ideas all the time, where there is a very solid discussion, as it should be.

"It should be confidential in the way that these discussions are allowed to be as strong as necessary: ​​that is the type of group I want to see, that is the type of group we have."

Meanwhile, when asked about the performance of the Welsh NHS after the latest figures showed a record low performance of A&E departments and hospitals in West Wales canceling planned operations, Drakeford said the service was seeing and trying "more people than he has ever done in his story".

"But demand continues to increase every year too," he said. "There are real pressures and real things that must be corrected."

He continued by saying that his government would not introduce a long-discussed idea of ​​a specific social assistance tax before the assembly elections in 2021.

"We are working very seriously on some of the ideas behind the idea of ​​a social assistance tax," he told the program.