10 Easy Ways In Expanding A Small Concrete Outdoor Living Room

Concrete Outdoor Living Room

The living room plays an essential role in forming an incredible structure. Next, to the kitchen and bedroom, the living room is a space where your family gathers spending time together especially during weekends and day offs.

Hence, having a versatile living room that can cater and hold different activities makes it a good space to occupy.

On the other hand, some household does not have a chance to enjoy a wide array of space because of the small living room size.

In this article, we would like to showcase to you that a small living room size can be expanded by considering every element you might incorporate in it. Here are they to get you started.

Give Way To Lightings

In any given household space, it is very important that you give way to the entry of natural and bright lights. If your living room has big access to natural lights to enter, do not cover the windows with long dark curtains.

In this way, your living space may create an open and airy atmosphere. Also, if you have a smaller living space and small access to the entry of lights, make sure that you keep light colors to maximize its appearance.

Work With Scale
Almost all household with smaller living space tends to arrange and decorate smaller things.

This is a common misconception because smaller things make the whole room looks cluttered. Try to work with a few large scales and furniture. Work with just one masterpiece on the center table accented by a comfortable spotlight.

Toil On High Ceilings
Having a smaller living space to expand shouldn’t be a problem if you work with high ceilings.
You may accentuate your high ceilings with high curtains and tall windows. This is the best way to increase the mileage and size of your living room.

In addition, you may also install show-stopping wallpapers that create incredible visual images. On the other hand, you must keep basic curtain designs so as not to complicate the overall looks of your living area.

Select A Large Rug
Choosing boldly patterned rugs and large sizes create a bigger room atmosphere. Unlike for smaller ones, these largely sized rugs normally do not break up the floor. They help anchor every piece in your living space maximizing the size.

Also, along with the large rugs that you incorporate into your small living area, you should choose a corner seating arrangement. In this way, you will not eat all the space in your living room.

Stay Cozy
Your living room should create an inviting atmosphere for you to feel relaxed and chill. To achieve this kind of vibe, keep all your seating intimate and close to each other. Also, when you choose large rug designs, select the ones that have a plush and soft characteristic.

Keep A White Painted Wall
A darker painted small living room area makes the whole space looks more congested. Together with the entry of natural and bright lights, keep a white painted wall. A white painted wall creates a fresher look and makes your small living room looks extended.

Besides, if you choose and colorful large furniture, masterpieces, and center table, a white painted wall helps in controlling the overall atmosphere of your room making it more balanced to look at.

Castle On Low Seating
Having lower seating sofas and chairs on a smaller high ceilinged small living space creates a 3D effect of making your place maximized. Work with the proportions of your space correctly so every furniture is balanced and does not overwhelm with each other.

Cane On Tighter Color Palettes
If you have a smaller living room and likes to work with pastel and vivid colors, you have to make sure that you stick with tighter color palettes. In this way, you will not be able to come up with a more chaotic and destructing colors for your overall living room design.

Redefine Your Coffee Table
A lot of us wanted to have big coffee tables where we can spend our free time reading books or doing our hobbies and favorite free time routines. Make sure to consider in choosing smaller coffee tables to maintain lower traffic flow.

Shape It For A Multi-Purpose Use
If you have a smaller household space, most definitely your household area is also small. In this case, you do not have the ability to incorporate everything you wanted to have in your dream house.

For example, you may set up a little working office in your living room. You have to make sure that you work on the correct pieces and study the measurement of your room to get the right proportion so you can incorporate everything you wanted.

The living room and the name itself implies an obvious and literal meaning to how should it be defined.

A living room should provide a relaxing vibe may it be a small or large concrete size. They entail the biggest workforce when it comes to making a beautiful household setup.

Hence, if you have a smaller concrete living room space, you have to consider the practical tips listed above to maximize its size.

Lastly, you may also tap the help of some interior experts like concrete contractors of killeen who can surely aide your doubts in expanding your smaller living space without a hassle.


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