10 Tricks to not throw money in Google Adwords – Google Ads free course


Advertising tricks in Google Ads. A short free Adwords course that reviews basic optimization functions.
Summary to the full Google Adwords course.

One of the great advantages and disadvantages of Adwords is the ease it gives us to launch our campaigns. And many times it happens that you can launch a campaign without really having any idea and throwing the MONEY ON GOOGLE ADWORDS. (And the saddest thing, also believing that we do it well.

START THE CAMPAIGN IN FRIDAY. If I start the campaign on Friday and I don't watch it until Monday, I'm leaving the mistakes longer than necessary. Why does the money go? What words work? What qualities do they have?

ACCEPT THE KEY WORDS THAT GOOGLE ADS OFFERS US. Make ads with dozens of keywords than assets. You have clicks, but at a more expensive price.

PUT KEY WORDS OF A SINGLE TERM. The keywords of a single term are usually too generic: they will bring more traffic but of worse quality. I will leave the budget on searches that were not interesting. "Printers" are not the same as "laser printers" or "color laser printers."

USE KEY WORDS IN WIDE CONCORDANCE. If I do nothing the words I put them in broad agreement, that is, they activate the ads also with “synonyms” (is it a shoe synonymous with a shoe?).

FORGET ABOUT THE NEGATIVE KEY WORDS. Negative keywords are the words for which I don't want my ad to come out: free, cheap, comparative, employment, work … User searches always surprise you.

ONE AD ONLY IN EACH AD GROUP What ad is the best? What people say To optimize the ads it is normal to try between 2 ads to see which one works best.
DO NOT WORK THE QUALITY LEVEL. Google Ads seems to hide the level of quality, which is one of the most important factors to improve. If you don't know what the Quality Score is, I don't recommend that you create campaigns in Adwords.

DIRECT THE TRAFFIC TO THE HOME PAGE. Pointing to specific landing pages helps customers find what they are looking for.

ADVERTISING IN MOBILE WITHOUT HAVING A MOBILE PAGE. By default Adwords also targets mobile phones. If my ads run on mobile phones and I don't have a page that I will see well on mobile … I will be following many clicks, but none of them will be valid.

START ALL BEAT CAMPAIGNS. Better go one by one, learning from mistakes.