10 Ways to Relax at Home!

Ways to Relax at Home

Relaxation is a very good aspect to both the mind and the body. There are numerous ways you can relax at home, although when you reach the end of a busy week or a month, you might be clueless and think “where to now?

Here is a list of things you can easily do to relax yourself at home.

Sleeping is one of the most common and effective relaxation methods. It’s your day. Set aside the alarms and sleep till you can’t sleep anymore.

Self therapy
Why don’t you try candles, soothing scents, essential oils and lotions to reboot your energy? Massage your legs and arms and take a hot bath. You can get an easy foot massage by simply rubbing your feet over a golf ball. For major stress hits, dripping cold water on the wrists and behind the earlobes is an effective solution.

Eat what you love
Everybody has their own favorite foods and a holiday is the best day to savor your favorite food stuffs that you have been skipping. If you are more serious about relaxing your mind, go for lemons, green tea or chocolate.

Citrus smell and green tea can help relieve anger, whilst chocolate can calm nerves. Dark chocolate is a sweet solution for stress and it can improve your metabolism too.

Watch a movie
Select a movie of your choice from the DVD rack, or grab one off any of the online stores. Then all you need is a bowl of popcorn.

Read a book
Unless you really despise books, reading can easily relax your mind. It can be a novel, a newspaper, a magazine or even your own diary. Simply grab a book and spend some quality time with it.

Listen, sing and dance
Listen to your favorite music, sing it out loud and shake it. It will relax your mind and fix your mood within moments.

Working out is one way to relax your body. So why not hone up your metabolism while making the best out of your day? If you are not fit enough for a serious work out, simply do some stretching at home.

Do yoga
You don’t need to go through heavy yoga sessions to relax. There are simple yoga exercises that can help. Remembering to breathe is one of the most common of them. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply, and focus only on that. It will instantly lower blood pressure and the heart rate.

There is a particular breathing exercise in yoga called Pranayama, which corresponds to breathing through one nostril. It is a good method to balance the body and mind.

Another easy yoga pose is Viparita Kirani, where you have to lie down on the floor whilst resting your feet up against the wall. It can stretch your legs and is a good way to calm your mind.

Write your emotions
Writing them down is similar to talking with yourself in slow motion. When writing, you have sufficient time to think and you can save what you wrote for later. If your mood is seriously bad, write them down on a piece of paper and burn it. A good stress reliever!

Word puzzles
If you have your way with them, go for it! Try crossword puzzles, sudoku, kakuro or anything you like that involves concentration and thinking outside the square.


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