10,000 visitors per day = $ 100 / day Google Adsense revenue?


It is certainly possible to get 10,000 visitors to the website per day, but only earn about $ 100 / day in revenue from Google Adsense. A fellow Deadbeat sent me an email yesterday in this extra situation. I thought I would make this video to help. It doesn't matter if you receive 0 website visitors or 100,000, this video will help you.

Okay, if you receive thousands of visitors per day on your website but you don't earn significant amounts of money, your website has 1 of 2 problems.

1) Your website receives information-oriented or non-buyer traffic. While this is not necessarily the deadly touch of a website (with good marketing and warming it can sell cold / low quality traffic), it can hamper the earning potential of your affiliate site.

2) You are not selling your website visitors properly with the products you recommend. In this case, this particular Deadbeat was using Google Adsense to monetize its website. The sale might not be the problem, but the placement of your Google Adsense block on your website.

I recommend you try the different locations of the Adsense block for best results.

Another recommendation if you have this type of website is to see if you can create a loot aimed at offering your visitors. Things like t-shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads, etc. These can be good filler products to offer on your niche sites if affiliate offers do not match your audience.

In general, getting 10,000 visitors a day, regardless of how much money you are earning, is a good problem.

Scale traffic and see what you can do to increase your numbers slowly but surely.

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