13 dead, 31 injured after bus collides with truck in Uttar Pradesh


At least 13 people died and 31 were injured after a truck collided with a bus on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway on Wednesday (February 13). Speaking to ANI, Dr. Vishwa Deepak, Saifai Mini PGI emergency room medical officer, said 13 people were hospitalized while 31 injured were being treated.

"At least 31 injured patients were hospitalized and 13 were brought to death," he added.

Sachindra Patel, SSP, Firozabad, said the accident occurred on the Agra-Lucknow expressway at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday after a double-decker private bus collided with a stationary truck. Patel added that the bus driver did not see the truck standing and rammed into it from behind.

"There were 40-45 passengers on the bus. There were many victims and several people were injured. About 10-14 victims could be there," Patel had previously told ANI.