13 INSTAGRAM HACKS YOU WANT TO KNOW SOON || Instagram vs real life


Instagram vs real life and fun tricks

Phone photo Life Hacks and Video Ideas!

We all know that Instagram is not always the best representation of reality.

But sometimes we can't help getting caught in the tricks and photographic ornaments and it's hard not to completely lose contact with reality!

But just remember: we are all people who want to share our lives with hundreds of our family and closest friends. So take Instagram with a grain of salt and don't worry too much about things.

Because sometimes reality is much more interesting than your life on Instagram.

0:22 Selfie of bathtub vs real life

0:58 Girls Night: Expectation vs. Reality

1:25 View of the airplane window, or not?

1:51 Is it an elegant dinner?

2:26 How to lose weight in 1 minute?

3:08 Reality behind the perfect photos

3:34 I woke up like this … Perfect!

3:58 Do you hate going to a gym? Here is a good trick for you!

4:34 Is this a new makeup trend?

4:53 This seems fun!

5:26 Do you think yoga is easy?

6:11 He is no longer alone forever!

6:55 Couple goal 🙂

7:09 BLOOPERS !!!

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