14 Common Furnace Repair Problems and their Solutions!


Is your home furnace troubling you a lot lately?

This could be frustrating, and I am sure you might have already checked furnace repair options, but all your efforts went vain.

Don’t worry we have a way out for you!

In this blog, we shall discuss the common furnace problems and their possible solutions you can try by yourself. Well if things still don’t work, Gloss Heating & Air Conditioning is here for you!

Common Furnace Repair Problems and the Solutions

I have heard people say, ‘we did a furnace maintenance check only recently, and it broke down’.

Even if you take care of the machine, it can breakdown due to some other reason. In order to keep the furnace functioning, you ought to use them regularly as much as possible.

If your furnace repair Brampton is not starting, then you can try out the following troubleshooting before contacting the professionals.

Blocked Air Filter

This is a common furnace problem that users face while using it. If your furnace system is turning on however not blowing hot air could be a reason for the clogged or blocked air filter path. If you want to know which air filter works the best for your furnace, get in touch with us.

Been long you did a filter cleaning? Book your next furnace cleaning appointment with us.

Broken Heat Exchange

If you aren’t checking your furnace over time, then it can develop cracks in the heat exchanger.

These cracks can release the dangerous carbon monoxide into your rooms, without any notice! All the furnace maintenance and tune-ups include this check; however, you must contact us for a quick CO leak inspection whenever you feel like.

Check the Thermostat

You won’t believe this, but people actually miss out on checking the thermostat setting! So, we had to include this one.

Go through your thermostat, check if the option ‘heat’ is enabled and the temperature set is 5 degrees higher than the room temperature. For the furnace repair Brampton, you can also check the battery of the thermostat – it might be that the battery is drained out.

Other than this, if your thermostat is not working – blow-dry or remove the dirt/debris present, set the correct date/time, and finally check the circuit breaker for any potential drop.

Inspect the Furnace Buttons

If both the air filter and thermostat are doing well, then check the power connections. Check out the furnace switch if someone has accidentally turned it off or check out the switch on the fuse box and turn it on if they aren’t.

Safety tip: make sure your hands and feet are dry while dealing with any of the furnace repairing stages.

Furnace Ignition Problem

If your high-efficiency furnace has a pilot light or the electronic ignition control, then this eliminates the need for a constant flame! This saves a lot of energy!

A faulty ignition control can cause a lot of machine and power wastage than you can imagine. Even the clog or blocks inside the furnace system can affect the ignition pilot. If there is an ignition problem, restore and get them working as early as possible!

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Furnace not producing proper heat

Furnace not producing heat could occur due to a variety of reasons! Firstly, do a check on the thermostat and ensure that the ‘heat’ option is set on it. After this, you can try moving the dial-up and down – and see if this could solve the furnace repair Brampton for you.

If there is no change after the above steps, then this says the circuit box got tripped. We won’t recommend you test the tripped circuit by yourself, you can get in touch with us for the solution.

Poor airflow with blocked vents

Can you notice a decrease in the quality and amount of air passed from the furnace? This could be possibly due to the blocked vents and clogged airflow path that you could correct by yourself.

Check the air filters, if everything seems good and yet the furnace repair isn’t done – contact your nearest HVAC technician for further support.

Serious machine problem

If the problem is related to a general machine fault, then you will have to talk to your HVAC service provider and get professional help.

Domino effect is a term used in the machinery field. In this effect, if a single element of the machine stops working, then the whole machine can get affected. To escape this unfortunate situation, it’s better to call an HVAC expert asap!

Maintain a clean furnace surrounding 

Managing home and work isn’t easy.

Your life will be busy and hectic – however make sure that you store the furnace and all other HVAC devices safely and, in a clutter-free environment. Clean and vacuum the house regularly and keep the furnace unit free from dust and debris. This is indeed a simple and understandable point.

Oil the Furnace Blower

This is a must for the winters if you haven’t oiled the furnace blower yet – then you are doing something wrong.

A blower is the main component of the furnace system that distributes the warm air from the unit to the entire room. Lubricating and oiling the furnace blowers will make the process smooth for the machine and extend the overall lifespan of the unit.

Furnace is getting noisy

Furnace making sounds like rattling or rumbling is not a common thing. This indicates that the machine is undergoing mechanical failure. Call us in for a quick furnace repair Brampton and let us resolve the issue for you.

Smelling gas while the furnace is running

If you get a gas smell coming out of your furnace unit, just follow 2 things. Firstly, move out of your home and take your loved ones out and secondly, call the nearest reliable HVAC company.

Clean out all the debris and ducts in and out of the furnace heating pump

For those who are lazy to clean up the debris out – if you want to run your furnace for a long time, then you got to do this. In our furnace repair Brampton plan, we do include the cleaning work as well, including removing grass or leaves stuck inside the heating pump area. Keep your furnace happy, and you shall be too!

Time for the Furnace Replacement

Furnace replacement is an easy process and a recommended one. This will help you get better results with less power wastage! Consider the age of the furnace age and replace it if it’s been with you for too long.

That’s a wrap! Furnace repair problems are common, some self-solvable while others require a professional support. In case of any query, you can contact our expert team at Glors Heating & Air Conditioning. We are here for you!