17 Inspiring Quotes From Fearless Creative Leaders

17 Inspiring Quotes From Fearless Creative Leaders

From Beyoncé to Colson Whitehead, these quotes will inspire you to take a closer look at yourself

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Pop culture is a powerful force, and the people who shape it are thought leaders in every sense of the word. Their viewpoints and creative ventures fuel everything from dinner conversations, to public policy and consumer trends. While it’s tempting to assume cultural luminaries were simply born with incredible talents that separate them from “normal” people, the truth is much messier. 

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To get where they are now, every successful person had to make many, many mistakes. And somewhere along the way, they figured out who they are, and what works for them. From daily mottos to overarching life philosophies, it’s important for all leaders, creators or entrepreneurs to understand themselves—what they believe is important, how they want to treat people, how they want to be regarded, how they want to move through their days, weeks and years—so that they can be their best selves, and give their most ingenious work to the world. 

Here are some inspiring quotes to help you think about what matters most to you, so you can elevate your daily habits and move closer to achieving your dreams.