28,000 United Airlines employees get new uniforms


United Airlines hopes to improve the cold weather somewhat more tolerable for them with durable new uniforms for their 28,000 employees who mainly work outdoors. The airline unveiled new equipment developed by Carhartt for its teams involved in apron service, catering and technical operations.
United worked with Carharrt to create new uniforms for the company

The two companies worked together for three years to create and test the new clothing. The collection includes more than 50 pieces created for United's "under the wing" workforce. The pants have new pockets that fit the tools better, are more colorful for safety reasons during the day and at night and sewn with a new type of fabric. Carhartt said it also put a "focus" on its women's collection, so that the items have a better fit and function compared to previous collections.

According to United, these new uniforms are part of a wider refresher for all 75,000 employees in the global workforce. Selected employees are currently testing new uniforms for their frontline employees, including flight attendants, pilots and customer service representatives. A new look for these workers will be launched in the summer.

United said it was a
Flight uniforms are not without controversy. Some employees at delta (DAL) Air lines and American Airlines (EEL) say their airlines' new uniforms pose a health risk.
Last month, more than 500 Delta employees sued Lands & End, the manufacturer of their uniforms released a few years ago, on the grounds that clothing for flight attendants and some ground workers caused vocal cord dysfunction, difficulty breathing, skin blisters, and rashes , Delta said in a statement that it believes the uniforms are safe.
In 2017, the Americans separated from the clothing manufacturer Twin Hill upon receipt Complaints from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants that more than 3,500 complaints about their uniforms have been received. The union said it caused a number of health problems, including headaches, rashes, and breathing problems. Twin Hill and American claimed the garments were absolutely safe.

It's worth noting that the new United uniforms will be supplied by Carhartt, Tracy Reese, and Brooks Brothers – companies that played no part in the American and Delta uniforms.