3 simple tricks to INCREASE traffic to your blog without writing more content


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Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I will share with you how to drive more traffic to your blog post without writing more content or creating more links.

0:30 Increase traffic to your blog Tip # 1:
The first thing I have for you is that you need to adjust your title tags. What you will notice when you log into the Google Search Console will show your pages with the most impressions and the fewest clicks. Look for posts that have a click-through rate of less than five percent. Once you’ve figured out which posts have a less than five percent click-through rate, search for all keywords, because when you click on that link it will show you Google Search Console for which keywords you’re getting traffic and search for keywords for which are ranking a decent position, and add those keywords within your title tag and meta description.

In doing so, what will happen? More people will keep clicking, and clicking and clicking on your listings because when they are searching, your keyword will be in the title and meta description.

2:10 Increase traffic to your blog Tip # 2:
Another thing you should end up doing, and this is the second tactic, is to continually share your old blog posts over and over again. Once you write a blog post, especially if it’s evergreen, it’s not over. Why can’t you keep tweeting? Why can’t you end up scheduling and storing the buffer for continuous sharing? Not just in a week or a month, but in years.

Why can’t you take your old items and re-share them on Facebook? I do it all the time, and I use Open Graph, that’s where you can change your meta descriptions only for social networks, and you can do it in the Yoast SEO plugin, and when you do, what ends up happening is that you can keep changing the title of the post, keep making it super relevant and re-share it on Twitter and Facebook.

4:00 Increase traffic to your blog Tip # 3:
Now that you’ve removed those two tactics, I want to give you one last tactic that is a really easy way to drive more traffic to your blog post. It is content reusing. You don’t have to write any more blog posts, but you could end up taking that content and creating videos on that same type of material and releasing it on YouTube and Facebook.

You could end up creating podcast episodes on that same type of content and launching it on iTunes. By doing these little things and reusing your content, you get extra miles, right? End up getting more views. You are getting more juice from each item. Heck, we even took our very content and posted the entire article on Linked In.

By doing that, yes, people don’t return to our site, but that content is generating more eyeballs, and people say, oh, that’s written by Neil, this is amazing. He continues to give more surprising information. And yes, those people will not go back to your blog and leave a comment, but they will leave a comment on Linked In, and you could reply to them, interact with them, build that connection, and you can still generate business.

Follow these three simple things and you will drive more traffic to your blog posts without generating more links or writing more content. Best of luck, if you have questions on how to do this or if you are confused please leave a comment below. I will answer you and teach you how to do it step by step. If you liked the video, share, subscribe, like it and let other people know. The more people I can help, the happier I am, thanks for watching.