4 Ways for New Moms to use Olive Oil

4 Ways for new moms to use olive oil

It’s a very usual fact that new mothers are more willing to consume natural and pure things from any kind of alteration. Here, we are going to suggest a very natural product to new moms who are eager to maintain their health and their baby’s health. 

Yeah, we are talking about olive oil. When you will try to find out the best choice in different categories of olive oil, you will find different options. For instance, you could have the purest olive oil which is extra virgin olive oil and light olive oil too. 

You can choose according to your health condition and your baby’s health condition, especially when you keep your child on breast feeding. No doubt, olive oil is equally beneficial for kids and mothers too. 

On the other hand, there are many artificial and chemical-based products in the market for mothers. But these products are surely hazardous for mother and baby also. It’s pertinent to mention here that here is a very important question that could arise in your mind being a new mother. 

So, the question is which ways are good for new mothers to use this natural product olive oil. In this under-discussion article, we will justify your queries such as the above given.

Following are the ways for new mothers to use olive oil which could be safe for them


  • A new mother could use olive oil as a cleaning agent


Besides consuming olive oil, applying it on the skin also has become a very common trend. The foremost and major use in applying olive oil is to have a gentle massage with it. Anyhow, here we are talking about applying olive oil as a cleaning agent. 

So many cleaning agents are available in the market which could contain dangerous to health chemicals. On the other hand, because of being dangerous to health chemicals, you cannot avoid keeping your home clean and safe from germs.

So, it’s better to use a natural cleaning agent for keeping your home clean and safe. If your home is stuffed with wooden furniture and stainless steel products then for both kinds of products, olive is the best option to use. 

Your kitchen fittings will also be safely cleaned out by using olive oil. For this purpose, you can use, scrubbing cleaning strategy. It will let your all stuff shine out. 


  • Ease your insomnia with olive oil


Your first mommyhood will let you have anxiety and insomnia. You could become stressed out during your very first mommy’s experience. So, your all problems could have one solution. You just need to consume olive oil or apply it. 

In case of having stress and insomnia issues, you could also have the finest head massage with olive oil instead of consuming olive oil. After getting a pleasant head massage with olive oil will let you sleep well.

With olive oil, once again you will have you will get your concentration power back to you because being a new mother you could possibly lack concentration power. 


  • Olive oil is effective to use on breast 


During breast feeding your kid, you could experience teeth marks on your breast and much other irritability like burning sensation and cracks in the skin. In that instance, olive oil is a great friend to you for breast care.

Just apply a little quantity on your breast; it will heal your all breast feeding issues in a very quick manner. 


  • Olive is the best skin healer in case of having surgery


It’s a very common thing; females could have C-sections while delivering their babies. So, at that moment, olive oil will works really well as a skin healer. You can apply olive oil on that body part which is caught in surgery and you will experience quick healing.

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