49ers GM John Lynch on the decision that changed the franchise


MIAMI – This was not an adolescent he was studying in the draft brought to the team facility for an interview, with whom he went to dinner to relax. No, that was different. This was even more of a gamble.

John Lynch, who was General Manager of 49ers for nine months, expanded the business in late October 2017 to take over Jimmy Garoppolo from the Patriots. In retrospect, Lynch could think about it and claim that he saw something in Tom Brady's backup that convinced him that it was all possible, that Garoppolo would lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl and change the luck of a franchise provider so quickly.

Lynch could hit his chest, but instead scratches his head and admits that sometimes luck is involved. Lynch wasn't sure if Jimmy G would turn out that way.

"No, because we just didn't know it," Lynch said at the 49ers Hotel for Super Bowl LIV this week. "I didn't think he wasn't that, I just didn't know.

General Manager John Lynch hugs Jimmy Garoppolo after winning the 49ers' NFC championship.
General Manager John Lynch hugs Jimmy Garoppolo after winning the 49ers' NFC championship.Getty Images

“We thought it was a reasonable, albeit high price, to make a second choice to have the opportunity to find your franchise quarterback. Our conversations with Bill Belichick when I spoke to him when [coach] Kyle [Shanahan] He said to him: "You will love this child, his teammates love him." And Bill is not prone to exaggeration, he doesn't say things just to say it. When he says something, he means it. I noticed that. "

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There is the unknown of the unknown when the entire environment of a person is uprooted. The cocoon of Garoppolo's NFL world suddenly opened and no one was sure how he would react to the metamorphosis.

"I felt almost every emotion you could feel," said Garoppolo. "When you get into a new situation like this, you don't know what to expect. I was so used to everything in New England. I couldn't ask for anything better to get out of here. It was great, the people, the area, me dear Northern California, it grew very quickly on me. "

There are things you can see and hear, what a quarterback looks like in your pocket, how the ball comes out of your hand, and how the ball turns from your fingers. Lynch studied it all. Only when he got to know the Eastern Illinois product did it become clear that Garoppolo's appearance and personality were made of the right material.

"Just to watch him," said Lynch. "He plays a position, we make a trade, and he's just as inclined to sit with a practice player today." I think his roots in the Midwest are really obvious and the fact that he has a great family and was probably humiliated by older brothers and put in his place a few times.

"It's a pleasure to be with him. We have a coach who is extremely demanding and expects a lot of play from him and Jimmy is great at it. I think the linebacker in him helps here. He has as Linebacker started and is therefore not sensitive. He understands that Kyle's only purpose is to get the best out of him. Kyle can be very demanding and some people do not have the personality for it. I think it's a perfect mix because Jimmy will be almost better if Kyles chews it out. I just say "keep chewing".

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