49ers vs. Chiefs: A true clash of stars and styles in the Super Bowl


MIAMI teams come here of course. The 49ers and Chiefs are here, of course they deserve their way here. But of course not.

Patrick Mahomes might as well have planned the itinerary, steered the charter flight from Kansas City, checked his teammates into the JW Marriott Turnberry Resort & Spa in Aventura, and prepared some Florida seafood for his teammates here during the week. Was a player ever more responsible for carrying their team into a Super Bowl than this 24-year-old sensation?

Jimmy Garoppolo looks like he can play "The Bachelor" even though he doesn't play for his 49ers. Oh, he came up with some great gigs last season and the Bay Area loves him, even if everyone notices that the 28-year-old is a member of the band and is far from being a solo artist.

So, if you like to fight quarterbacks, avoid the Super Bowl 2020 on Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. This is not a fair fight. If you're more interested in intriguing matchups on both sides of the ball and the fatal defenses of the 49s against the Chiefs' killing pace will get you going, you can try. If you see how a historically efficient running game can lead the Niners to a title, or if a transcendent athlete like Mahomes can lift the Chiefs with his enormous physical gifts, then this is a must.

The 49ers (15-3) want their sixth Lombardi trophy and it is only after the 1994 season, when they defeated the Chargers at Joe Robbie Stadium, that the game will be played in the same place (with a different name). The last appearance in the Super Bowl for the 49ers came after the 2012 season when Colin Kaepernick and the Niners lost a wild shot against the Ravens in New Orleans.

The Chiefs (14-4) won the Super Bowl IV to initiate the fusion between the NFL and AFL, but have not been on the big stage for 50 years.

"In the right organization with the right coaches, the right teammates … this league is not about one person," said Mahomes. "It's not about the quarterback. It's about your team and how you get out there and play as a team and play together.

"So I think we've gotten into a lot of great situations with both me and him, and we've tried to maximize that every day we get these opportunities." I think Jimmy would say the same thing. "

Well, for most of the week before the game started, Jimmy coolly distracted the questions and examined the notion that he was a spectator – hell, he only threw eight passes in the NFC championship game – when the 49ers had a solid defense and a powerhouse rushing attack were promoted to rousing playoff victories over the Vikings and Packers.

"You want to throw, but if you throw the ball eight or nine meters, it's like:" Do we really want to throw? "Said Garoppolo.

"Did anyone realize how well we ran the ball?" Said 49er coach Kyle Shanahan of winning the NFC title game. "We weren't just trying to win three to zero. Jimmy should never apologize for making the ball go too well."

Jimmy GaroppoloAP

There are no excuses from the chiefs, only reverence for the miracles of Mahome. He started four times in the playoffs and the chiefs scored an average of 37 points in those games. He is the only player in NFL history with more than 10 touchdown passes and no post season interceptions. His career playoff pass rating of 115.0 is the highest in the league's history.

Mahomes became the youngest player in the league with the highest value last year. For an encore, he's the big favorite winning Super Bowl MVP honors. However, he must first win the game.

Marquee matchup

49ers DE Dee Ford v Chiefs RT Mitchell Schwartz

These two have been teammates in Kansas City for three years and have knocked on the practice field many times.

"My game is interrupting your sentence and timing," said Ford. "He is very precise with his timing and footwork and everything he does in the pass and run game. My job is to manipulate that and get out of timing. So that's what I'm going to do. "

Schwartz could be the best real device in the league; Ford had 6.5 sacks in just 11 games this season. Geoff Schwartz, a former Giants offensive lineman, is Mitchell's older brother and a student of line game.

"Mitch should be fine," Geoff said to The Post. “Dee Ford has to jump off my brother quickly. If he doesn't make it, Mitch will lock him up. It depends on who best finds out what the other person is doing. Mitch would be better than Dee Ford. "

4 depths

Reid and right

Everyone loves Big Red. With 221 regular season and postseason wins, Andy Reid is the most successful coach in NFL history who hasn't won a Super Bowl yet. In 21 years as head coach at the Eagles and Chiefs, the 61-year-old has taken 15 teams into the playoff and lost only three seasons. He lost five times in conference championship games and once in the Super Bowl (24-21 against the Patriots) after the 2004 season. His Chiefs players wore red and white Hawaiian jerseys in his honor on the flight to South Florida. A Super Bowl triumph is all it takes to get a Hall of Fame invitation.

"I'm not good with all of this," said the ever-reserved Reid. "I've had so many good experiences in my career. I don't think of pressure or anything. Just take it all in and get ready to play a good football game. I'll enjoy it."

Make your choice

This has never been the case before: every team with 1,000 receiving yards has a close end, which makes this matchup the best Super Bowl match ever in this position. The 49ers & # 39; George Kittle (85-1.053) has the second highest score of all players in this game, according to Pro Football Focus, and the Chiefs & # 39; Travis Kelce (97-1.229) is number 4. Both are explosive, emotional, almost unstoppable weapons that can ruin a game, break a tackle, and lead to the end zone. Kittle has the added benefit of being a spectacular blocker in the game.

stay away

The 49ers were the second best offense in the NFL with an average of 144.1 meters per game. They pushed this to the limit in the playoffs, the Vikings for 186 meters and the Packers for 285 – with the relatively unknown Raheem Mostert running for 220 yards and four touchdowns in the NFC title game. The chiefs cannot allow this production to be repeated.

"A defense generally doesn't want the ball to hit them," said Nick Bosa, "and if there's literally nothing you can do about it that some teams haven't." doing it is demeaning to the defense and it is tiring, it tires them and it keeps us fresh. So it is good in all facets. "

No limit

Defense coordinator of the 49ers, Robert Saleh, compared the chiefs to "an Olympic relay roster" and does not blow smoke. Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman and Sammy Watkins can fly, and the 49ers will have a hard time keeping these speedsters in front of them. Hill, who runs 4:29 in the 40-yard line, is only half joking when he says: “If I am healthy and my thoughts are in the right place, I would try to put together a relay for the Olympic Games. We would show these track guys: "Hey, we soccer players can do that too."

quote of the Day

49ers Free Security Jimmie Ward said, “If we line up for a relay, they'll probably win. But one thing is football. There is something like a helmet and shoulder pads. And we hit, and we're very physical with how we hit. "

The number

The 49ers ended with the bills because they allowed the fewest pass games of 20 or more meters.