5 Beauty Hacks That Will Save You money


Many people dream to look like those beautiful women in Hollywood, isn’t it? No matter how stressful or busy schedule they have, those unconventional beauties always look perfect, but how?

Well, you don’t need any costly Hollywood beauty secrets to look fresh and glowing all-day long.

Here are some household beauty hacks which not only are easy but also the things used are readily available. And, you will be surprised to know how many beauty DIY household items can double up as.

Scrub with Brown Sugar
Yes, brown sugar not only acts as a sweetener but also as a softener for your body. Pick up any body wash you use and mix it with some brown sugar, and you get a home-made skin exfoliator.

By the way, if your skin starts itching, you can add some honey to make it smoother. Coconut oil will do too, instead of honey.

Also, you can mix brown sugar with a few bananas to get a body scrub which also moisturizes the skin.

Coconut Oil as Moisturizer
Coconut Oil is great for hair, we all know that. The vitamins and fatty acids nourish the hair, help it grow and keep it healthy.

And thanks to those fatty acids, coconut oil can also moisturize the skin. Apply it before you are going to bath and feel the skin smoother than what you get with the moisturizing lotions.

If you add some ground almonds to the oil, it will also scrub off dry skin along with moisturizing it.

Toothpaste for White Nails
Yup, you heard it right. Your toothpaste can whiten not only your teeth but also the yellowing nails. It will also remove any nail polish stains or lighten other marks.

So, pick up an extra toothbrush lying around and use whitening toothpaste to get your nails shining again. Mix a little lemon juice for added effects.

By the way, to clean off the stains, ensure that the toothpaste has hydrogen peroxide too.

Olive Oil as Makeup Remover
Among the many cool household hacks, is using olive oil during makeup, and it serves many purposes. You can dip in a cloth or just pat your skin with olive oil and let it do its magic.

The oil will break the particles up which you can wash off easily. And you can also use this trick to clean your makeup tools.

Olive oil can also be used on mascara when it starts drying, and can even condition your hair. Olive oil also adds up as a body lotion.

Green Tea Bag as Concealer
Is the Smashbox Concealer your favorite? OK, you can use green tea bags as an alternative. You can also use the bags to remove dark circles and tighten the under-eye skin.

After a few minutes, about 5-6, your skin will feel fresher than what it was. Apart from that, wet tea bags also soothes skin inflammation at times, and can reduce pain.

Which of these DIY beauty tips do you find useful? Maybe all! Do share other beauty hacks with household items you use, in the comments.


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