5 biggest lies about affiliate marketing


Does affiliate marketing REALLY work? Are all a scammer? Get to know the 5 BIG fat lies of the affiliate marketing industry.

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In this video, you will learn the five lies about affiliate marketing that prevent you from getting the income you want. So I started making money online as an affiliate in 2003, I generated millions of dollars online in earnings and today I earn hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate. And I see that fake gurus and Facebook forums and groups are telling many lies that prevent you from having the right mindset to really create the success you want. Affiliate marketing works when you do it the right way. Let's analyze these five lies and give you the positive alternatives so you can build a proper mindset. The number one is that it is easy. Now, this comes from many sales messages from the fake gurus who are selling you courses. And if they sold you reality, which is a three to five year plan, now it's a lot of work.

They are many nights, early morning and strokes on the keyboard to solve problems. And that's not very funny, but they can't sell you a thousand dollar course, your $ 500 course or your $ 2,000 course with that truth. So what do they do? They make it sound easy. And here is the problem of making affiliate marketing sound easy is when you commit to the process and realize that this is extremely difficult, you can give up and, if you give up, you will never get the income you really want. Good? This is how this kind of unrealistic expectation that is transmitted by being easy is really hampering many people because, ultimately, it is three to five years. My best analogy that I use all the time is that we have a lot of gigantic manure that we need to move and we have a spoon to do it.

You have to work hard and you have to work intelligently. So that is number one. Number two is that it is passive. Somehow. This world of affiliate marketing is passive income. And as someone who has been earning income online for more than 16 years at this time, I can't tell you anything about that is passive. Your server will turn it on at certain points. Your WordPress site will need updates. Your WordPress site will probably be hacked at some point. You will probably receive an SQL injection at some point.

Someone will take care of your website and redirect people to countless websites that happened to us several times. There, I might think, well, I could outsource everything and let other people execute it. Well, who is going to hire those people? Who will handle those people? What happens when they stop appearing because they see that the owner does not appear?

The truth is that there is nothing passive in the world of affiliate marketing. It takes a lot of work and it's fine. What are we doing with our time anyway? As an affiliate seller, we focus our time on creating useful and valuable content for our audience.

So, knowing that it is active, it is a real business. It is an active business. You need to constantly refine your skills. New content needs to be published constantly. We have to be at the forefront of the game. You have new competitors that enter the world every day that compete for that number one place on Google or YouTube or any platform on which you are the day you try to reach the easy street is the day like me, ambitious and people like me himself and the millions of people who are hungry here.

That is when they will begin to anticipate you and anyone who tries to treat this as a liability is lying and you can see all the people who sell you passive income lies. They are blogging, they are posting on social networks, they are sending emails to their list. All this is active work. Accept the work, do the work and you will be rewarded if you stay and are strategic and intelligent enough. Number three is the third biggest lie is that it's about finding the right product, okay? Many people say, well, which network is the best network and what products should I follow or what niche, what, what, what other. That is the wrong way to see it. Good? Affiliate marketing is not about products. Affiliate marketing is about helping people achieve their goals, solve their problems and really achieve more happiness in their lives.

And when you realize that, as an affiliate marketer, you are literally assuming the role of problem solver for other people, you begin to align yourself with the correct way of doing affiliate marketing.