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holyhigh-e a 2-promo

holyhigh-e a 2-promo

This case differs from other cases in which earphones are charged. Turn it over and it will become a Qi charging station for your phone!


Angry! We made it through Friday, everyone. And just a note: I have Monday off, although newsletter subscribers receive their deal email as usual. (You subscribe to the Cheapskate newsletter, right? If not, there is a registration box at the bottom of this post!)

I couldn't decide on a deal or two today, so I'll give you five!

Many modern true wireless earphones are in a charging case that can be charged wirelessly simply by placing it on a Qi charging pad. The HolyHigh EA2 True Wireless earphones are housed in a case that is itself a Qi charger! It's true: flip it over and place your phone on it to charge wirelessly on the go.

In a way, it feels like you're buying a portable Qi power bank that happens to have earbuds in it. And this power bank is charged via USB-C and also has a Type-A USB output. If you only use it to power the earbuds, the 5,000 mAh battery can add up to a whopping 240 hours of play, according to HolyHigh.

The earphones themselves: tube design, noise-isolating earplugs, IPX5-certified, sweat-proof and waterproof. I'm listening to them right now. The sound quality is reasonable considering the price, maybe a bit flat overall, lacking in details, but it's definitely good enough for the gym. As with all such earphones, it is important to get a good inner ear seal.

Speaking of price: only $ 33.49 if you cut out the on-page coupon for $ 5 and then apply the coupon code TYDZD2RD at checkout. That's less than what you'd pay for countless earphones that don't have a versatile charging case.


Here's the problem with a lot of Qi charging pads: they come without a plug. Sure, you can use an extra one that you have lying around, but unless it's a QuickCharge connector (QC connector), the pad won't charge quickly.

This is one of the reasons why I really like this Seenda pad: it has a built-in power plug. There are also two Type A USB ports right next to it, so you can use it to charge other devices while you are charging your phone. Practically!

The pad is usually sold for $ 20, which is reasonable, but the price drops to $ 14 with the promo code 30SEENDA57,


In recent years, SimpliSafe has become synonymous with do-it-yourself security. It is also known to offer one of the cheapest monitored security systems you can get.

For a limited time, it's even cheaper: This five-piece kit, originally $ 250, has never been so cheap. It contains the base station (with siren), a keyboard, a motion sensor, an input sensor and a key fob. You will also receive a garden sign and window stickers and can expand the system with additional sensors, a panic button, cameras, etc.

Monitoring is optional. Prices start at 50 cents a day.

Will Apple eventually abolish the Lightning port? Maybe – but not yet. Until then, you may want to stock up on cables. This 4-pack contains two 3-packs and two 6-packs – the previous one is, in my opinion, good for car use if you don't want the power cord to be overloaded.

These cables are not only MFi certified, but also braided and are covered by a lifetime guarantee. What's not to like?

Use the coupon code to get this price XQVDLEJW at checkout.


I am more and more in love with LED light bars, be it as backlighting for your TV or just to upgrade your decor. Govee's 16.4 footer is ridiculously affordable and drops to $ 14.53 when you redeem the on-page 5% off coupon.

The bar is completely remote controlled. (Some support Wi-Fi, only FYI, which allows app and voice controls, but not this one.) It lets you adjust brightness and color, set custom scenes, and so on. Definitely worth a look if you haven't tried this kind of "mood lighting" yet.

I wish you a nice weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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