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No video of leaflet, Lucas Lombardi, Manager of Equipe de Produção de Conteúdo do Ecommerce na Prática, gives you 5 days for an email marketing imbatível.

In practice, all types of negotiation two days of browsing, or email marketing, is a fundamental peça. For this reason, to communicate with your public-alvo, it is necessary to know how to make an email marketing. With these 5 days, you are going to crack no matter.

1 – Segmentação

É perhaps or most important aspect of all email marketing. It is defined for emails to be sent.

It does not make sense to send all the e-mails do seu negócio for all as pessoas, né? Each pessoa tends to be interested in a product or outro that you sell.

Therefore, knowing how to define the emails is sent is essential to estimate your shipments and get more and more conversations.

And it is also very important collector given to you of each pessoa for which emails will be sent. However, it is possible to analyze the results and obtain segmentation of melhor from them.

2 – Holder

It can be said that a headline means 70% of all email marketing. From the audio or video readers, do not try for that content.

If it is not in the title header, text messages or emails will not be sent. For this reason, or to conceive a headline, it is necessary to think of something very creative and chamative muito. Someone will give an attention to the reader will be captured.

In a header, it doesn't matter what is left of the text for the world of the world. As pessoas simply do not go.

3 – Great idea

What is a great idea? This is a central idea, and a guide that I will play or your email address. From a Headline I tied or CTA, I had to turn around the ideology.

Então não adianta falar on several coisas no mesmo e-mail marketing. It is also feito, since weights are lost and do not connect with a message that is being transmitted.

A Big Idea can be a simple thing, like "a maior liquidação já feita na loja", or something more related to emoção, such as "how to emagrecer 10 kilos sem deixar to eat or that você gosta". Or important and focus on a single topic.

4 – Gatilhos mentais

I gatilhos mentais são resources that you can use to influence pessoa to perform limited ação podem to help the construction of the Big Idea. Isso because as pessoas I buy muito mais pela emoção, e não pela razão.

Here is a video about gatilhos mentais:

5 – CTA

Or CTA, ou "call to action", is a sham for ação. É a final part of your email marketing and a direct address or reader to fazer or that you determined.

It may be for the purchase of a product, an assurance for receiving more content or an address to the site or other link that you wish to discard.

It can also be attracted by a button, clicked images … There are several ways to be made in CTA.

E how fazer um bom CTA?

Let's say that your e-mail is about a NGO that helps poor children.

Um CTA that said "I want to help!" With certainty, you will receive more cliques of what "Doe 5 reales" says. Isso because no one remembers thinking about spending 5 reais, but I want to help.

Therefore, uma ação na primeira pessoa that is not related to spending dinheiro works more like CTA than a thermo imperative that sends pessoa to spend dinheiro.

Gostou dessas dicas? Ágora você com certainty tem or conhecimento necessary for fazer ottimos emails marketing!

And in order to know other strategies to promote or deny your business, you have to participate in Ecommerce Week, or Maior Ecommerce do Mundo Online Event! E o melhor, completely free!

Nela, or Bruno de Oliveira, um two top specialists in Ecommerce do country, shows you a validated method of comics, strategies and insights for levar or seu negócio ao successso!

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