5 PPC trends to prepare for 2020


Predicting the future is never easy, especially in the world of PPC. Even with all the campaign data in the world, you won't know the latest trends until they arrive.

It is a difficult task to be aware of all updates posted by Google, Bing and YouTube. It can be even harder to learn new things and adapt quickly to changes.

How are you supposed to prepare your campaigns for the future if you don't know what the PPC landscape will look like?

This webinar is about discovering the five main PPC trends that will be launched in 2020 and how to strategically plan your campaigns around these latest trends.

In this presentation, we will do the following:

– Give an advance on how to address the new trends of PPC and embrace them.
– Introduce new channels and tools that you may not have used before.
– Demonstrate how to increase your performance while keeping abreast of the latest industry changes.