5 research hacks to find unlimited ideas for content marketing. Find what your audience wants quickly!


Are you struggling to find ideas for new and compelling topics for your content marketing? Take a look at these 5 advanced research tricks to focus on exactly what your target market wants.

I delve into this topic in this blog post:

For many, the idea of ​​creating hundreds of pieces of content for marketing purposes seems daunting.

When you think of a great idea, it is!

But when you divide it in one step at a time, it becomes much easier.

Add these 5 niche research hacks and approximately one hour of work and you can find more than 100 ideas that will keep you busy for weeks.

The best part, other people have done the real & # 39; research & # 39; for you.

We take advantage of the multitude-based platforms, the best websites in your niche and powerful search parameters that give you the best of the best content, quickly.

Once you find these content marketing ideas, you can synthesize them, combine them, start researching them or simply be inspired by topics that you have not yet covered.

In this video, we see a real niche in which I have never looked before …

You can see live on my shoulder how I do content marketing research to gather new ideas for topics to create videos and blog posts.

Now, it's not about keyword research at all …

Keyword research is what you would do after finding these new topic ideas to rank each idea according to the search volume and the strength of the competition.

I covered my exact keyword research process in this video:

This video complements the keyword research process to help you understand what the big ideas and main categories of ideas are.

Keyword research helps you focus on the exact topic and title of each blog or video post.

This is really just a piece of a much bigger puzzle called SEM or search engine marketing.

A large content marketing campaign can grow your audience and your traffic, but it needs to be optimized for search engines to do so.

From how you publish the content on your WordPress site to how the next steps in research (such as keyword research as mentioned above) there is more to successful content marketing than just this research.

If you want help to really mark your optimization strategy for your content marketing, be sure to check out this playlist!