5 Top Tips for Building Muscles

Tips for Building Muscles

Building muscles and getting the body in shape can be hard but not impossible. We all know that to build muscle you need to store energy but to lose body fat, you have to lose energy.

So, what is the best way to build muscle and lose fat at the same time?
You need a plan. A plan that maintains the balance between the physical activity and the diet is the need of the hour.

And you also need a balance between activities like lifting heavy weights and cardiovascular exercises.

So, here are few tips to gain muscle and also lose fat –

Set a Goal
The first step to getting your body in shape and achieve the fitness and power you desire is to make a target. I know you want to lose weight but how much?

You can never achieve a target if it’s not clear. Not only hard work, but it also needs determination and self-control, a lot.

If you aren’t serious and don’t set a goal, you won’t have a reason to get started with your plan. But be realistic and remember that you can’t achieve all in a week.

Eat Enough
One of the mistakes many people make is to cut down their dietary requirements and not to eat enough. Well, am not saying to eat whatever you like but you need a diet to follow, to maintain the ideal body weight.

Yes, you need protein but use the supplements in limits. A little carbohydrate is good, by the way. Too much of it, however, results in the fat build-up.

So, get prepared to consume veggies, fruits, eggs, and beans at a regular interval of, say, three hours.

Don’t eat a lot at once. Eat only that much calorie which you can shed.

Do Cardio
Apart from a diet plan, you also need an exercise plan. And cardiovascular exercises are a great way to burn those calories consumed above. Start with 15-20 minutes of running or biking every day. Then, you can go swimming or even dance.

You can increase the duration to 30-45 minutes but don’t attempt them all in a day. You will risk having a breakdown and also, won’t be able to do sufficient strength training.

Weight Training
While cardio increases the metabolism rate, you also need to lift weights to gain muscles. But don’t attempt it every day. Do cardio and weight training on alternate days, thus, giving your body a chance to recover.

Again, don’t stress on a single exercise there. Get yourself prepared for a combination of squat, pull-up, deadlift and others.

And while you are at it, take precautions while lifting weights. You don’t want to injure yourself trying to lift the heaviest one available.

Drink Plenty of Water
Last but not the least, have a gallon of water every day. You can leave without food for days, but not without water. The body uses it for many processes, and it also assists in the fat loss and prevents dehydration.

Now that you know how to gain muscle and lose fat get started with your schedule. However, if you want you can have a cheat day for some extra calories.

But, do cheat only if you are determined to be on the program from the next day again.


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