54 days of sports madness: what's next?


MIAMI – I am not one who makes predictions, mainly because I can deal with them terribly. But if I read the tea leaves correctly, something special is due. Because we are either at the end of a six-week route (or in the middle of a longer one) that sports fans are almost beyond belief, especially if they live in New York.

It all started on December 4thwhen it felt like the big news of the day was happening early when Zack Wheeler signed with the Phillies. Within a couple of hours, Daniel Jones & # 39; balky Knuckle and Eli Manning's triumphant return to active duty interfered … and when it got dark it wasn't even the biggest Mets story of the day, because that's where the news came from Steve Cohen and the Holy Cow The Mets are on sale!

December 6thThe Knicks finally took David Fizdale out of his misery. On December 9, we learned that Le’Veon Bell had decided to address his own flu-induced misery three days earlier, on the eve of the Jets' 22:21 victory over the Dolphins. On December 10, the Yankees broke their bank and signed a $ 324 million contract with Gerrit Cole, signaling a significant change in power in the American League. It would not be the last.

December 13thThe Giants cracked an incorrigible Janoris Jenkins after calling a fan on Twitter "retard" and offering an apology. It's a whole day. Then it turned out that the Mets had reduced their financial commitment to Yoenis Cespedes … and Cespedes joined in, a head scratcher, because you don't see that every day.

December 15th, Eli Manning left the field one last time: Giants 36, Dolphins 20.

Luis Rojas; Eli Manning; Kobe Bryant
Luis Rojas; Eli Manning; Kobe BryantCharles Wenzelberg (2), Getty

On the 24th of Decembersigned the Mets Dellin Betances (Merry Christmas, Mets fans!). On December 30, the Giants fired Pat Shurmur (Happy New Year, Giants fans!). On January 1st, Don Larsen died at the age of 90 and ended a long, fun, happy (and perfect for a day) life.

On January 2nd The burgeoning Yankees star Domingo German learned that he would serve an 81-game ban on domestic violence. On January 3, The Post reported that Cespedes' mysterious injury was caused by an encounter with a wild boar. On January 6th…

No, let's go back a bit. It was a wild boar!

On January 6thThe Rangers youth movement added another building block when AHL Hartford's esteemed goalkeeper Igor Shesterkin was called to New York. On January 7, apparently 25 seconds after it was announced that the Giants would not drop their alleged target, Matt Rhule, they named Joe Judges head coach and the New Yorkers enjoyed three days of outdoing each other.

On January 13th, MLB announced the scope of the Astros scandal, the manager and GM of the team were suspended, then fired, and a member of the team in 2017, an older statesman named Carlos Beltran, who also happened to be the manager of the Mets, was fired as a participant called, but spared discipline. For now.

On January 14thThe Red Sox released Alex Cora. The same day, Beltran's predicament became an hourly obsession in New York. On January 16, Beltran and the Mets agreed to part ways, which made it a perfect Mets equation: a scandal that forced two previous champions to fire managers also enmeshed the Mets that made it zero -Make championships out of it.

January 17thJason Garrett – the target of a billion jokes written by Giants fans in recent years – has been named the Giants' offensive coordinator.

On January 21stDerek Jeter has entered Cooperstown – but only one voice that shuns unanimity.

On January 22ndThe Mets hired Luis Rojas, big news … until Manning announced his retirement about an hour later.

January 26thKobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash.

That's 54 days, almost eight weeks, and you're wondering what's next. Kevin Durant faces the Warriors on Wednesday and then loses 60 points for his former team? Cespedes brings the pig to Port St. Lucie? We'll settle for something like Chiefs 49, 49ers 48 on Sunday.

Vac’s Whacks

No spoilers here, but if you've ever been a Law and Order: SVU fan and missed last week's episode, trust me, you will come and stay because of the great story and great Robert John Burke.

I thought it was a terrible sport for jets and mets Post ads in the post last Saturdayand greeted Eli Manning. Just the thought, whether true or not, that all of our teams get along so well makes us feel a little like Bedford Falls.

Can you even imagine Mookie Betts playing on one of our teams and the inevitable snowball racing down the mountain slope for him?

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and bigger, "Better Call Saul" fans!

Hit Back at Vac

Marc Aronin: The analogy that has always worked for me, according to James Dolan, is: The spoiled boy in the sandpit … who, if he doesn't assert himself, takes his ball and goes home. The difference is that most 3-year-olds eventually grow up. The Knicks owner still doesn't seem to have it.
Vac: Also … he never actually goes home. He keeps coming back.

Lorenzo Porricello: I live in LA. Kobe was a family for everyone. He was an inspiration for both men and boys. He even went to communion a few hours before his death. His smile healed. Yes, we love him, yes, we are broken. At that time he was a real hero without heroes. The word "grief" doesn't. My heart hurts. Thank you very much.
Vac: Everyone – and I mean it, everyone – that I met in LA this week could have given exactly the same testimony. I've never seen anything like it.

@MetsBooth: Where are they? 22-21 Fordham in half!
@MikeVacc: So cute, from the great Chris Majkowski, the faithful son of Rose Hill. Unfortunately, the good guys (also known as the Bonnies) scored an overtime goal on Wednesday evening (62-55). I might have seen the last 10 minutes from California.

John J. Buro: Jeter. Manning. Bryant. Who could have imagined that in the age of sports mercenaries three men with
Over 15 years of dignified service for a unique team would determine the past week? What a start to the decade.
Vac: I wouldn't mind currently accessing a universal rewind button.