6 Amazing Ladybug Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Ladybug theme

Ladybug is every child’s favorite. A bright red-colored bug with black spots, every child can possibly identify it in pictures or even otherwise. And interestingly, lots of kids like to include the bug on their very special day too – their birthday.

Now a child’s birthday party is its lifelong dream! They make plans for it day and night, months before it finally approaches. And do kids like simple celebrations? No! They want theme parties just like they’d have seen their other friends have. So why not fulfill their dream this time and gift them what they like the most – their favorite bug as their very own birthday party theme!

Yes, here we bring to you the top 6 ideas you can use to organize a ladybug-themed birthday party decoration theme for your little prince/princess. Make sure to capture the wide beam on their face when you show them what you’ve done on their special day.

  • Amazing Ladybug-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Ladybug invitations – What does any party preparation begin with? Sending out invitations to the guests. So let’s start our party too with the same by creating cute ladybug-printed cards.

Take a red and white cardstock and cut 4” circles from them. On the red card, draw 6 small circles and cut them all the way out, leaving only a small portion of the top of the small circle attached. Now place a red circle over a white circle and trace along the openings of the circles that you just created.

Write the details of the party in the circles traced. Paste the red circle over the white circle. On the outside flap of each circle, write the details again as written underneath – time, date, address, RSVP, etc. Now decorate the red circle to give the appearance of a ladybug. Your guests would open the black dot flaps to read the party details.

Ladybug decorations – Next comes decorating the venue for the party. You can use a red table cloth to cover the party table (where you’d be placing the cake or food). Now cut different-sized black circles and place them atop the table; cover with a transparent plastic table cloth. You can also shop online for ladybug birthday party supplies to create ladybug theme decoration.

To decorate the chairs, use red and black helium balloons and tie them up on the back of the chairs. Or, you can even make black spots with a permanent marker on red balloons for the job.

For streamers, red and black ones would again complete the look here. You can be even more innovative and tie up some red and black balloons on the mailbox outside to let the guests know where the party is. Or, cut out large circles from the poster board and lay them down all along the walkway to the venue. Your guests will never miss it!

Ladybug games – A kids’ birthday party is incomplete without games, for kids love to play. Here, too, you can create your own ladybug-themed party games while enjoying birthday party decoration supply. We have a few examples here; put on your creative hat and get your imagination running to think of more, depending on the age group of the kids at the party.

Pin the spot on the ladybug: A similar version of “Pin the tail on the donkey”, it’s played the same way too. Only this time, kids need to pin a missing spot on a ladybug. You can draw a huge ladybug with six spots. Leave one of the spots white.

Now cut many circles of the same size as the missing spot. Color all of them black and also number them behind – one number for every child at the party. Blindfold the kids one at a time and ask them to try and stick the circle on the spot closest to the missing one. You can use double-sided tape on the back of the spot. The one who gets the closest wins.

Ladybug landing: Cut large leaves about 1 foot long from poster board or felt paper. You’d need one leaf per guest. Now lay the leaves on the floor. Ask the kids to pretend to be ladybugs. Play music and ask them to pretend flying around the room and when the music stops, they’d have to find a leaf to land and stay there until the music resumes.

Ladybug party activities – Besides games, you can think of several other kids’ activities too to keep them engaged. For instance, find smooth flat stones and ask each kid to choose one for painting. Pick black, white, and red paint and paintbrushes. Ask the kids to paint their stones like ladybugs. Give them googley eyes to stick on their ladybugs and ask them to name their ‘ladybug pets’ too.

Ladybug party food –Food is the main attraction of your party so why spares it from the ladybug effect? You can plan so much but cupcakes are kids’ favorite. Therefore, we can tell you how to make some ladybug cupcakes and rest you could imagine any way you like it.

Bake cupcakes as many as the kids at your party. For the frosting, use red icing. You can buy a red paste from a cake decoration or craft store to get the best red color. Now use black or brown decorating gel to divide the cupcake into half for the wings. Draw the antenna with frosting. Make eyes with brown mini M&M’s and regular ones for the spots. You can also place Oreo cookies for the spots and let the kids pick them out one by one.

Ladybug return gifts – Another major attraction for kids; something they look forward to even more than the cake! Select something from ladybug stickers, necklaces, bracelets, stick-on earrings, or red candy. You can pack them in red paper bags and draw black dots on them with a marker or black stickers.

Summing Up

Your kid’s birthday comes just once a year and they wait the whole year round for it. Make it special with this beautiful themed part and let them have a fun time.