7 common Google AdWords mistakes to avoid


Discover 7 common Google AdWords mistakes to avoid with your Google AdWords campaigns. There are many mistakes that people make with Google AdWords, so it is important to avoid them and keep their campaigns optimized. Since AdWords can be difficult for beginners to learn, new advertisers often make mistakes and never try Google AdWords again. That's why we put together this video, so you can see some common mistakes that advertisers make.

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Error 1: Participate in the Search Network and the Display Network at the same time.

The Google Search Network and Search Partners are very different from the Google Display Network (GDN). When you target keywords, you want to target them in the search network, since they have a very different performance for image ads.

Error 2: Do not use negative keywords.

Negative keywords are vital to a successful campaign. Regardless of the industry in which you work, there will always be unrelated keywords in your search terms report. In addition, you can delete certain words that will not generate conversions.

Error 3: Do not optimize for conversions.

People spend a lot of money on advertising where they simply direct traffic to their website. They have no objective in terms of potential customers, sales, phone calls, application facilities or any other key performance indicator. To successfully manage your advertising budget, you must track conversions and optimize your conversion rate while maintaining similar costs.

Error 4: poor keyword research and broad match keyword bids.

Keyword research is absolutely vital for successful campaigns as well as avoiding broad match keywords. Modified keywords of broad match, phrase match, and exact match will help your campaigns perform much better. Also, finding the right keywords and bidding on them correctly will be the best long-term strategy for you.

Error 5: Don't try bidding strategies while optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.

There is a wide variety of Google AdWords bid strategies, including target CPA, target ROAS, Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, Goal distribution fee, Goal page principle and manual CPC. We love to start with the manual CPC and then reach the target CPA after trying everything.

Error 6: Create only one ad variation and not use ad extensions.

Google AdWords will automatically optimize your campaigns to show your highest performing ads. Additionally, ad extensions make your ads bigger in search results and you can add more relevant information.

Error 7: Don't understand Google AdWords goals

Ultimately, you want to continue testing and optimizing your Google AdWords campaigns until you can effectively use the target CPA bid strategies or target ROAS. If you can find the right keywords for your business that generate results, you can continue bidding for them and optimize your campaigns. The target CPA and ROAS target bidding strategies will allow Google AdWords to optimize your campaigns for you, you just have to provide them with the data they need while constantly improving your campaigns.