7 Expert Tips to Secure Web Hosting

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For beginners, finding secure web hosting can be a challenging task. However, it is very important for all the website owners to choose one of the best web hostings which offer all the necessary features such as SSL, professional email, high storage, customer support, and many more.

Do you know there is an online attack every minute? Yes, it is. In the hosting industry, DDoS attacks, malware, bots, hacked websites, and several other forms of safety vulnerabilities are all very commonplace.

Those who take hosting services always look for the best security that they can get to protect their site from hackers. You need to protect your site from hackers all over the internet that can harm your site anytime. 

Keep in mind that not to choose cheap hosting services because their security is not powerful and may not be able to help you to a great extent when you need them. But the hosting services such as Siteground, Bluehost, and many more are the big hosting providers and will keep your data and information safe and secure from all the hackers that keep an eye on your site regularly. 

Tips to Secure Web Hosting

Do you what plays a vital role in web hosting? Security. It will help your site and its data to keep secure. As already discussed above all the importance of choosing the best web hosting services.

However, you need to make sure that no one sees your information whenever you are hosting your personal data or receiving customer’s payment information. At the VPS and dedicated server levels, you will get the most secure web hosting services. 

Therefore, now not making you wait any further, here are the top tips to secure your web hosting in 2020,

  • Install ModSecurity:

This is the powerful tip to secure your web hosting server i.e., install ModSecurity. It is a toolkit for real-time web application access control, logging, and monitoring.

It allows full HTTP traffic logging. It gives you the ability to log everything you need. On the other hand, you get to choose which parts are sanitized, which parts of a transaction are logged, and which transactions are logged. 

This helps to stops all types of attacks on your web applications. And it includes content management systems like eCommerce stores and WordPress such as Magneto. Therefore, these were the important feature of ModSecurity that helps to secure your web hosting server.

  • Turn Off Unnecessary Services:

Turning off unnecessary services can secure your web hosting to a great extent. Software that is still active and is not required to the servers’s function should be disabled instantly.

You need to debug pages, disable web server status, delete languages that are not in use, turn off modules you don’t require, etc. This also applies to the webserver engine itself.  

  • Monitor Logs:

Logs are another essential security tool. A server collects a large amount of data about who connects to it and what it does. For more active monitoring of ingress, logsentry can be used for hourly reports.  

An excellent daily summary tool is Logwatch that helps to generate reports about what is happening on your server, summarize, and analyze. 

  • Backup Regularly:

The vital reason that we secure a web hosting server is to keep our files and data safe on it. You need to keep in mind that your information should be backed up and encrypted to an offsite location because it is impossible to guarantee that a server will never be criticized.

  • Keep Software Up-To-Date: 

Software that is out of date consists of security vulnerabilities and can be known to hackers easily. Therefore, it is very important to keep all your software up to date that you are using to secure your web hosting.

These are the things that you should remember in order to secure your web hosting to a great extent.

  • Install Malware Scanning Software:

This is the most important tip to secure your web hosting server i.e., installing malware scanning software. Rkhunter is useful for finding rootkits and ClamAV is an outstanding malware scanning means for Linux.

However, you must know about the malicious individuals out of your server if they reach on your server’s security as soon as possible. Therefore, if you want to protect your site from hackers as well as from the malware then you must install malware scanning software as soon as possible. 

  • Install And Configure The CSF Firewall:

The Config Server Firewall has several features that can secure your web hosting server from hackers all over the internet. It can protect your server from a wide range of attackers.

This is an excellent tool and has lots of features that can manage your site more easily. The features of it include external blocklists, directory watching. Flood protection, the authentication failure rate limiting, stateful packet inspection, and many more that helps to protect your site.

  • Strong Passwords:

Most of the server administrators open their front door wide open as the security-hardened server is a challenge for all the criminals. Therefore, you need to use strong and powerful passwords so that no one can guess your passwords and it will keep your web hosting secure from all the hackers.

A strong password is essential for all web hosting users so that it should not be misused by hackers. 

  • Use Public Key Authentication For SSH:

First, you need to delete unencrypted access. To manage servers, no one should use Http, FTP, and telnet anymore. However, you must use HTTPS, SFTP, SSH are accepted standards. 

When a user tries to log in, SSH makes the public key matches the private key. Therefore, it is better to use SSH keys.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, the above-mentioned ways are the expert tips to secure your web hosting in a much better way. If you want to secure your server and keep all the data secure from the hackers all over the internet then you must use some extra security tips from your side to keep your files safe.