8 steps to make your blog successful – Passive income online blogging


If you want to make a passive income blog online, then there are 8 techniques that you must master.

Are you tired of working on something you don't love? Well, why not generate income through blogs?

Step 1: you must choose a niche. The niche must be something you are passionate about or else you will stop doing it.

Blogging does not make you a fast passive income, it can take 6 to 12 months. Therefore, you should be passionate about the topic you are blogging about.

You can also use Google Trends to see if your niche is small or large.

Step 2: Bloggers often overlook registration in fast web hosting, but it is a very important step if you expect to earn passive income on online blogs.

Bluehost is usually the easiest to start, as it has a "WordPress" installation with just one click. Once you install WordPress, you can select a free design.

With a fast website, you can get more sales and this means that you will start making a passive income blog online.

Step # 3: Sart writing content. Be sure to write content that people want to read. If nobody wants to read its content, it will not do well. Then, before you start writing, think about topic ideas and ask others what they think.

When writing your content, be sure to create an attractive headline. 8 out of 10 people will read its headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of its content.

If you're wondering how to create an attractive title, see the Copyblogger title formula.

Step 4: describe your content before you start writing. Think about your high school English class. From the introduction to the conclusion of the body, describe your content.

Some more tips to follow are that the paragraphs should not have more than 5 or 6 lines, you are using the words "you" and "I", as well as subtitles. This makes its content easy to read and more enjoyable to read.

Be sure to ask a question at the end of your conclusion, as this will help encourage comments.

Step # 5: Link to other blogs. When you are writing content, you must link other people to cite your sources. This ensures that your content is credible.

Step # 6: Write 1 to 3 times a week. Being consistent is important or your blog will not grow. Try blogging 3 times a week if you have time.

Step # 7: If you want to be a successful blogger who makes a passive income online, then you need to know how to make readers return to your blog.

You can use the free Hello Bar tools and subscribers. These two tools will make people return to your blog regularly.

This will facilitate the monetization of your website in the future.

Step # 8: monetize your blog. You have multiple options when it comes to earning money. You can try Google AdSense, which are ads that Google posts on your blog.

You can try the affiliate links through Clickbank. In which you get paid every time you promote the products or services of another person and generate a sale.

For new residual income opportunities, you can create your own products or services. From things like selling clothes if you have a fashion blog to creating an ebook around a painful point facing your readers, the possibilities are endless.

Or you can do all three if you wish. And this is how to make a passive income blog online.

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