A Comprehensive Guide of Installing the Updates for Tomtom and Garmin


Global positioning systems have acquired world-wide recognition for the navigation software they have been developing and deploying for the past few years. With the award-winning features inculcated by various updates of Tomtom and Magellan in the GPS devices users are using on a daily basis, various truckers, drivers and fitness freaks are able to perform their daily tasks with ease-of-comfort. In addition to the above-mentioned key aspects, let’s throw some light on the features of the installed Garmin Map Update: –

Features of various Garmin and Tomtom updates

Updates have become the necessity of the daily routine for the users of Garmin and Tomtom. With the help of newly released updates, you can avail the list of benefits mentioned below that surely make your traveling memorable:-

  • Efficient and scalable routing

With a wide variety of the features of the required Garmin map update, you may surely be able to accept the daily challenges you face during vehicular commutation. Sitting on the car’s seat for a longer time-span to reach your long-routed destinations on-time, a GPS map is always useful in boosting the performance of your vehicles with its efficient and scalable map routing paradigms.

  • Spotting your demographical nodes correctly

Many of the existing Tomtom users get stuck while driving to new addresses during rotational driving shifts. Identically, they prefer to take shortcuts to reach their destinations on-time. Here arises the need for the correct navigation map which can only be fulfilled by the exciting features of the commonly used Tomtom GPS update. The Tomtom users can view the navigation alerts on their handheld devices that offer a helping hand to them during real-time traffic congestions.

  • Map corrections of various latitudinal and longitudinal measurements

People who love to go for tracking will surely be benefitted from this characteristic. After they update their GPS devices and begin their journey, the unboxed navigation docks will guide them, while going for mountaineering in various regions of Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia. Many of the mountain passes can be efficiently tracked with the correct longitudinal and latitudinal measurements offered by the GPS maps for the current demographics.

The benefits of mentioned-above features can only be enjoyed if and only if you know the process of installing such updates on your devices. Let’s begin the hunt of installing the available Tomtom GPS update on your workstations: –

A step-by-step Installation procedure to download the Tomtom map update

To begin with the process, you must know the necessary steps mentioned in this guide: –

  • Open the Tomtom application. Enter your credentials like a username or password at the login screen of the Tomtom’s webpage. Make sure that the internet connectivity between your device and the router is stable.
  • It’s time to connect your Tomtom dock with your workstation via the USB cord. Turn on the navigation button of your device so that the server of Tomtom can globally position your demographics.
  • Click on the support option. At the time you click on it, you will see a list of spots such as Tomtom features, devices, Update and so on. Click on the update option.
  • The application will show you a series of updates for your Tomtom dock available on the site. Click on the latest Tomtom GPS update and download it after reading the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • Your system will install the available update after it verifies the update’s specifications. After this, the Tomtom application will start downloading the update for your dock. In addition, you can review the status of the update installing on your device by clicking on the update spot.
  • Open the update after its installation is complete. Restart your system to see the after-effects of the update installed successfully on your workstations.

You can perform the installation of the Garmin Map update on your workstations, in the same manner; I have discussed the update installation for Tomtom maps. In addition, many of the existing users (inclusive of both Tomtom and Garmin) face the below-mentioned errors at times they install the necessary updates: –

Common Installation Errors faced by the existing users

  • Navigation button not working properly.
  • The update can’t be downloaded further!! Storage space running out…
  • Poor internet connecting between the wireless network and the dock (either of Garmin or Tomtom).

To fix them, you must reboot your existing dock and then, switch on the navigation button followed by deleting the unnecessary maps downloaded in your Gadget. In addition, you must perform some of the troubleshooting steps (like switching off your modem button and restarting it after a few minutes) that can make your internet connection work properly. For more information related to different ways of the installation procedures for the available updates of Garmin as well as Tomtom, don’t hesitate to visit our web-portals containing extensive knowledge about the features and installation ways for your Garmin and Tomtom devices.