A positive development in the Jed Lowrie saga by Mets


PORT ST. LUCIE – Jed Lowrie sees no restrictions on his Mets workouts, but whether he is ready for the start of the exhibition season is another matter entirely.

The day after he arrived at the camp with large braces on his left leg, Lowrie took part in all the exercises with his teammates on Monday, according to manager Luis Rojas, who found that the performance team would call to make sure the experienced infielder was clear to participate in games. The Mets start their Grapefruit League season on Saturday.

"The schedule for playing is not in our hands, but for training," said Rojas. "He goes through the day like any of the guys in the camp, but we don't have the timeline to play the games. It is something that we will likely communicate with the performance staff as we go forward."

Lowrie on Sunday would make no other diagnosis than to say that his problems came from his left knee. After signing a $ 20 million two-year deal prior to last season, he took only seven bats for the Mets and was off the wounded list in September. Lowries injuries last season included a sprained left knee capsule and a tense left Achilles tendon.

Jed Lowrie Mets spring training
Jed LowriePaul J. Bereswill

Rojas said Lowrie was doing live punching exercises against Robert Gsellman on Monday and was involved in colorful games.

"He's moving well," said Rojas. "He's got braces, it works for him to do all these moves, so it's good."

Rojas is still working on setting a pitching rotation for the start of the exhibition season this weekend. The Mets are playing a split squad with a home game against the Marlins on Saturday. The other half of the squad will play against the Cardinals in Jupiter, Fla. Rojas said he had to find out what catchers he wanted in certain locations before he could stop rotating.

Josh Reddick of Astros mentioned a collision with Pete Alonso last spring as a possible reason for out-of-season shoulder surgery.

"If I had to look back on a job, it would probably have happened here in spring training and hit that wall, Pete Alonso," Reddick told reporters from Houston.

Conforto crushes

Michael Conforto hit Conforto's first round of live punch training over the right field fence against Michael Wacha. Wacha hit several goals, including Yoenis Cespedes.

Open communication

Mets' coaches have walkie-talkies during spring training this season to ensure that players turn to their jobs more smoothly. Efficiency has become the goal.

I noticed

From the back, Matt Adams, wearing number 21 and training on the first base on Monday, was remarkably similar to Lucas Duda. Veteran Adams, who has made a minor league deal, will also train in the left field.

Tuesday schedule

The training with a full squad will continue in preparation for the start of the Grapefruit League on Saturday.