Aaron Rodgers pressured to propose Danica Patrick von Packer's teammate

<pre><pre>Aaron Rodgers pressured to propose Danica Patrick von Packer's teammate

Aaron Rodgers is chasing another Super Bowl ring, but teammate Za’Darius Smith believes he should also focus on a sparkler for girlfriend Danica Patrick.

While he recently spoke to TMZ about the longtime Lovebirds, Packers' star linebacker indicated that Rodgers should "put a ring on it" after two years of dating.

"As strong as we are, women get the best out of us," said Smith, who had 13.5 bags for the NFC North Champions last season. “In Baltimore, I was a no-name guy when I met my wife. Who I am today is all because of her. She concentrated, locked me up and said no in certain situations. "

Patrick, who separated from his colleague Ricky Stenhouse Jr. in late 2017, spoke about how he got engaged when he appeared on SiriusXM's “The Jenny McCarthy Show” last fall.

"You know what, that's one of those things, you can't be tied to something going in a certain direction, because if you really want something to happen, there is the same energy to be afraid that it won't happen Patrick said. "So you just have to let it go and say," Well, am I having fun today? "Yes." Then life is good. "

Then she joked: "I'll probably be proposed tomorrow."

It remains to be seen when or whether the 36-year-old Rodgers will raise the question. Both he and 37-year-old Patrick are concerned about what the Packers have in store after the 49ers turned their Super Bowl dreams in the NFC championship last month.

“Ends are always difficult. But this season was still pretty amazing and we almost packed our bags for the Super Bowl, ”Patrick recently wrote in an Instagram tribute. "I will always forget the good times we had. Thank you for the memories @ aaronrodgers12 ❤️ and squad. Something tells me that this is just the beginning of a good long-term development for @packer. "