According to the Trump administration, there are no computers that block economic data

<pre><pre>According to the Trump administration, there are no computers that block economic data

The reason? The US government no longer wants news organizations participating in lock-ups to benefit from their early access by potentially selling high-speed data to their customers.

"I am committed to doing everything in my power to protect the integrity of our data, which is collected, analyzed and distributed," said Department of Labor Commissioner William Beach, in a letter on Thursday.

Since the 1980s, the Department of Labor has allowed news organizations to bring computers into secure government rooms that are cut off from the Internet for a fixed period of time, sometimes up to an hour, before government economic data is released to the public.

The federal government has adopted the practice of granting journalists access before publication to ensure that news reports are accurate given their complex information. The extra time allows reporters to analyze and ask questions while preparing stories that are immediately made available to the public for reading.

The basis of the decision is based in part on a report by the Inspector General in July 2014, which found that early access "unintentionally creates an unfair competitive advantage for certain news organizations and their customers".

The Obama administration took steps to tighten security and even considered abolishing such practices. However, these efforts met with opposition from Congress.

The IG report states, without naming certain news organizations, that several outlets that are involved in the Ministry of Labor press lock can "benefit from their presence in the lock by providing high-speed data feeds with economic data formatted for traders Traders sell computer-based algorithmic trading. "

Because of their access prior to publication, "they can load the data … so that their customers get this information faster than the public," added the report.

Bloomberg is one of the news organizations known to pack government data for wealthy customers. Its founder Michael Bloomberg is running for President Donald Trump.

A representative from Bloomberg did not respond to a CNN comment request.

The Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing, which represents 3,000 business and financial journalists in North America, said the move will "hinder" quality journalism and provide high-frequency traders with an advantage that algorithms can use to obtain information from government websites, investors, and the public ,

"This limits the ability of journalists to report immediately and fully on the government's publication of economic data," the statement said.