Adnan Sami: Just like you won't ask a politician about raag darbari, don't ask me about politics


Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami

Asserting that he feels a sense of responsibility after his Padma Shri, music composer Adnan Sami on Tuesday said musicians shouldn’t comment on politics just as politicians shouldn’t be asked to discuss ‘raag darbari’. The Pakistani-origin singer, who is now an Indian citizen, was involved in a political debate over his Padma Shri recognition with many criticising his father’s past as a Pakistani Air Force pilot.

At that time, the 46-year-old singer said his father’s past was “irrelevant” to his present. “I’ve been given this blessing of an award for music. My responsibility to my fans, country is through my profession, which is music. My responsibility, apart from being a responsible citizen in general, is to ensure that I give my best through music. To try and excel, give back even more,” Sami said at an event here.

Asked whether history should be a factor in political discourse, Sami said as an artist he does not want to get into the debate. “The best thing about history is, that it’s in the past and it should be kept in the past. That’s where it belongs. God gave us eyes to look forward and not back. So the most important thing is, we should forget about that because nobody from that era is alive today to answer these questions,” Sami told reporters.

“Just like you wouldn’t ask a politician about raag darbari, so don’t ask me about politics. Let the Mughals, the British, the Mongolians, Alexander the Great and everybody else you want to bring in… They’ve died, they’ve done their bit. Let them rest in peace. Let’s look towards what we can do for our country instead,” he added.

Sami was speaking at the launch of his new single “Tu Yaad Aaya”, in collaboration with T Series.