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We are here to kick off the Advanced Content Marketing Summit. In this session, Neil will show the audience everything he does on his own sites, analysis, generate traffic, a lot more. So, let's share that screen. Give us just a few seconds.

First let's start in my analysis. I think it's already loaded. So, overview of the audience. You can see my traffic statistics. There is not much to hide. So the last seven days, I was in 214,000 unique visitors. That is not bad, considering that I do not advertise pays. There were like, two jumps. So this is August. Let's look at August of last year, 2016. Keep in mind that I was also making paid ads at that time. I was in 454. Now I'm in 200 and something thousand in seven days, right? Do you see the difference? As, you know, this is August 2016. This is, I don't know, we can do a whole month like July. Then, 454. I look at the users, because the users are unique. Then, from 454 to 695. Then, my traffic continues to grow, and here is a strategy I made. It's hard to see when I see these months, but if we look at the last year, we can choose any day. Like, we can choose October 2016, and we go to some of my blog posts. The content of the site, all pages. So you see this? 13 secrets that will increase your organic reach on Facebook. This post has 13,404 visits.

Then we would take these keywords. I would sort them by impressions and click on the rate. So, I can see which keywords have the highest number of impressions. For example, Facebook's marketing strategy receives many impressions for being on the eighth page. Position 80, 80.8, is usually the eighth or ninth page, on the right, however you see it. Then, when I looked at all this, I would sort by impressions, and then I would take all these keywords, and integrate them into my blog post. So, let's go to my post. And this post has now changed. There are 13. Organic Facebook reach, search for publications. My editor is there; Grant is currently editing.

Okay, you see now it's called 20 secrets that will increase your organic Facebook reach, compared to the old 13 secrets. In other words, what I did was take this post and make it super detailed, and I added all the keywords. It works great every time. Then, the page is loading and I will show you other examples that I made this way. On the right, as you can see, and then I create a table with the list, where you can click, and you can go to the section, on the right, and I am integrating the keywords into the content. The page is very long. If you see how many keywords now, this post has 9,858 keywords, or technically words. Some of them have a range of keywords, some of them are not, and this is how I better classify myself, it is by modifying the articles and adding all the keywords that work well, or from which I am at least getting impressions. So that way, I know why Google is already ranking me. If I discuss those issues within my content, I am much more likely to get a ranking. And I do this for many of my pieces of content. I go through Google Search Console.

Every week, we go and discover, in agreement, which are the most popular publications for which we are classifying, and we continuously rewrite those articles. That is what is helping to increase our traffic and our ranking more than anything else. So, if I go month after month, keep in mind that August is not over yet. Then I like it, April. I know we weren't doing it in April, and I'm going to today. August, of course, will be less than July, because August is not over yet, but as you can see, it is growing quite a lot, right? April 15, then 12. June is when we rewrite the article, sometime in June. July was our first full month and, look, it's just going up. July, already, from the first to July 31, 22,000 visits. From July 1 to August 23, 21,000 visits. That shows, then 21,498. 21,498 divided by, say 23, Clayton? That leads us to 28,000 visitors this month. That's not bad, right, all because we rewrite the post and simply add more keywords.