<pre><pre>Alex Bregman did not apologize for the fraud scandal as to why Astros stars are Jose Altuve

The Astros players who benefited from the team's scam didn't regret it last weekend. Owner Jim Crane says it will come sometime.

Jose Altuve tried to look to the future while Alex Bregman hid behind the commissioner's report when asked about the scandal of theft of signs that rocked the sport at an Astros fan event. No players were punished by MLB for their role, although Carlos Beltran – the only player mentioned in Commissioner Rob Manfred's report – broke away from the Mets as a manager.

Crane, the manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Juhnow, hours after the report was released, said the Astros are planning a team meeting to discuss how to address the issue.

"If we go to spring training, we will bring them all together and they will make a strong statement as a team. I think we apologize for what happened and keep going," Crane said Tuesday at the Houston Chronicle Night.

The step forward could be challenging as baseball colleagues have expressed their frustration on social media and have even pointed out retribution. Crane told the newspaper that the players who spoke "held back a bit".

"Everyone is divided. It's a team, ”said Crane. "We will sit in a room and talk about it, then we will come out and speak to the press. Everyone will contact the press as a group or individually."

The first full spring training for Astros will take place on February 17th.