Alex Ovechkin sinks Islanders with his second hat trick

<pre><pre>Alex Ovechkin sinks Islanders with his second hat trick

Captain Alex Ovechkin infiltrated the top 10 of the NHL overall ranking on Saturday at the expense of the islanders.

The 6-4 loss to the Capitals in the Coliseum was the second hard loss in as many games for the islanders. And it was Ovechkin who anchored Washington's comeback win, recorded a hat-trick for the second game in a row, and even won with Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman as the number 9 top scorer.

"You see where the game was when Alex and [Sidney Crosby] were brought to the fore and then you looked at his career, ”said Islanders coach Barry Despite before the game. "He was a player from Russia who is of course very stoic, if you like, and has all these emotions, a kind of energy that you have not seen from Russia.

“He set the standard for many young and inspiring children. You see children with the yellow laces, children with the lace hanging from his pants, the mannerisms he sometimes has and the celebrations. And somehow it got to this next generation. "

The experienced winger opened the standings by benefiting from a partial breakout at 10:22 a.m. The islanders then scored four goals between the first two game periods to score the third goal. After the former ranger Carl Hagelin (with the Capitals since a trade of the kings in February 2019) scored a goal, Ovechkin covered the puck against goalkeeper Semyon Varlamov with 5:18 of the third. After Jakub Vrana's goal, Ovechkin sealed the win with an empty netter for his 26th career hat-trick.

"You can see how he shoots the puck and from which angles he can place it in the places where he receives the pass [John] Carlson or [Nicklas] Backstrom often or [Evgeny] Kuznetsov, 'said Trots. "He finds a way to get it on the net or to a point, and if he has the time you mostly don't see the shot, hopefully it only hits you as a goalkeeper."

Despite being the head coach in Washington for three seasons, Ovechkin indicated consistency and strength. The second-year Isles coach even compared his former player to the islanders' legend, Mike Bossy, and said Ovechkin was physically fit about his game that Bossy didn't.

"Me, [Ovechkin is] the best scorer in a time when goals are not easy to score, ”said Despite.

The islanders scored a Powerplay goal after not taking advantage of their last 25 chances to gain a man advantage.

"It's nice to have one to take with you," said Anders Lee. "It was a good deal [Jordan Eberle], We moved the puck really well, we got pucks on the net, set up a few good entries and it was a good look from him. I know Brock [Nelson] was open in the back and we got a good jump, but sometimes it doesn't matter how. "

In the past seven meetings between the islanders and the capitals, the guest team has proven to be the winner.