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Several videos and photos of a “black ring” hovering over Lahore unsettled the residents. But what led to it?

Aliens? mysterious
Screenshot from the video tweeted by @razzblues.

A video of a troubling "black ring" hovering over Lahore has been circulating on social media, shocking many. While some called it an evil cloud, others simply saw an unfamiliar angle.

The black ring triggered a number of reactions, especially on Twitter.

One user said that "aliens" have arrived. Another made a joke and said that people blow smoke rings because of so much smog in the city.

Some users even said they could get a week off thanks to the black ring. While another user strangely said that the "aliens" had landed to watch the latest episode of the Pakistani television series "Mere Pass Tum Ho".

But what exactly led to the mysterious black ring in Lahore?

The answer can be in one NBC Report published in 2015.

As this is not the first time such a ring has been observed.

In 2015, a somewhat similar O-shaped black ring was seen in the sky in Northern Kazakhstan. After one NBC Report that the ring disappeared after 15 minutes.

A British student, Georgina Heap, recorded a video of the phenomenon on her smartphone in 2014. The mystery around the ring disappeared when it was traced back to a pyrotechnic test at nearby Warwick Castle.

A similar phenomenon was observed in Florida in 2013 following a fireworks test and in Chicago in 2012 due to the explosion of an electrical transformer.

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