Amazon plans to remove President and Secretary of Defense as part of JEDI protest

<pre><pre>Amazon plans to remove President and Secretary of Defense as part of JEDI protest

Today AWS published his request to amend the protocol in his protest against the JEDI contract decision. As part of this process, the company has announced that it will remove President Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.

At Amazon The company announced late last year that it was protesting the Department of Defense's decision to award the $ 10 billion JEDI contract to Microsoft for a decade, and made it clear that it was not happy with the decision. The company believes that the president has rejected the contract due to personal political differences with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, from Amazon.

“President Trump has repeatedly expressed his willingness to use his position as president and commander-in-chief to intervene in government functions, including federal resolutions, and to advance his personal agenda. Maintaining public confidence in the country's procurement process requires the disclosure and supplementation of administrative records, particularly given President Trump's order to "screw up the Amazon," the Department of Defense to pursue its own personal and political goals, "said an AWS- Spokesman in a statement.

This has been in line with the company's public statements since the DoD made the surprising decision to partner with Microsoft in October. It had been widely believed that Amazon would win the contract, and throughout the procurement process there was fierce controversy and complaint that the contract had been drawn up in favor of Amazon, which the Department of Defense repeatedly denied.

At AWS re: Invent at the end of last year, Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of AWS, made it clear that he was dissatisfied with the decision and believed that the president was biased. “I think we got into a situation where there was political interference. If you have a sedentary president who has openly shared contempt for a company and the leader of that company, it is really difficult for government agencies, including the Department of Defense, to make objective decisions without fear of reprisals, ”said Jassy last Year.

According to sources, the DoD Amazon sent a written debriefing after the decision to award the contract to Microsoft. However, the company is particularly upset that the department did not respond to requests for additional information and questions in a timely manner, as required by law.