Amazon PPC Tutorial 2019 – LAUNCH STRATEGY – Pay Per Click Campaign – Amazon FBA UK


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In this Amazon Pay Per Click tutorial, I will show you how to set up a PPC campaign to launch an Amazon FBA product in 2019.

The first step for any successful Pay Per Click campaign is to find highly relevant keywords that receive a high volume of search traffic on Amazon.

I use Magnet and Brain from the Helium 10 toolset, these two tools allow you to search actual Amazon search data from Amazon UK and perform reverse ASIN search of competitor products for additional keyword ideas.

For the PPC keyword campaign, I would recommend 5-10 high volume relevant keywords, this should provide enough traffic to reach the desired sales speed.

If you use too many keywords, your PPC budget will be diluted and it will take much longer to acquire enough data for each keyword to decide if it is relevant.

With only 5 to 10 keywords, you should know in a couple of weeks which words work well and which don’t.

I would also recommend ignoring Amazon’s suggested offers for any keywords, as they are generally too low for a new campaign.

I always start with a £ 1.00 offer and then after an hour I search for that keyword on Amazon. If I’m at the top of the results, I consider reducing the offer, and if I’m not on page 1 or 2, I will increase the offer.

If you don’t get any impressions on your Amazon ad, chances are your bid is too low.

For the Amazon product targeting Pay Per Click, I would suggest selecting between 5 and 10 competing products with a similar price and that you believe is superior.

Please let me know below of any experiences you have had with Amazon PPC or if you have any ideas for future videos, I hope to reply to each comment within 24 hours.