Amazon PPC Tutorial From beginner to EXPERT: COMPLETE the sponsored ads strategy, step by step


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HOLY CRAP guys, this video took me so long to do … I hope you find it incredibly valuable 😜😜

In this Amazon PPC Beginner's Guide, I will guide you step by step through Amazon PPC, how Amazon PPC works and how to configure and optimize Amazon PPC campaigns.

This is exactly how I used Amazon PPC in my own Amazon business to generate MORE THAN $ 300,000 in sales.

I wish I had an Amazon PPC tutorial for beginners like this when I started because I had to spend thousands of $$$ to solve most of these things the hard way!

Don't miss the THREE MOST COMMON mistakes made by new sellers.

At the end of this video you will learn:

✅ What are Amazon pay-per-click ads and why do we need them? 2:30
✅ Hacking 1 The secret to winning with Amazon Pay Per Click 05:02
✅ Hack 2 Make Amazon Ads pay your travel expenses 11:55
✅ Hack 3 Get $ 50 in click credits from Amazon PPC for free 12:39
✅ How to start your first Amazon PPC campaigns 13:12
✅ What is the difference between automatic and manual PPC campaign? 16:37
✅ Basic definitions: search term, keyword, exact, broad, concordance of sentence 17:35
✅ Amazon PPC Strategy 19:20
✅ How to set up Amazon PPC campaigns in Campaign Manager 27:45
✅ Search term optimization of the Amazon PPC campaign 34:38
✅ How to use negative match keywords PPC 42:10
✅ Amazon PPC offer optimization 47:12
✅ How many revisions do you need before starting Amazon PPC? 51:38
✅ Most common mistakes for beginners 52:38
✅ What to do if you still need more help 😉 54:45

The tips and tricks for beginners and advanced are distributed in all previous sections. Enjoy!

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