Amazon's Fire TV platform now reaches over 40 million active users per month, ranking first in Roku

CES 2020 reporting - TechCrunch

Amazon Fire TV platform now has over 40 million users, the company said today. That's more than the 34 million that were used in May 2019 and more than the 32.3 million active accounts that Roku reported in its third quarter 2019 results last November.

Roku's "Active Accounts" illustration describes those accounts that users have streamed at least once in the past 30 days. However, Roku notes that a Roku account can be shared by multiple members of the same household. The same goes for Fire TV, which, like Roku, doesn't have a simple user interface to switch between different user profiles to create a personalized home screen or watch list.

When Fire TV denounced its 34 million users, Roku had 5 million active accounts. With 40 million active members per month, this lead has expanded to 7.7 million users. However, the two platforms are often very close to one another, with Amazon's lead in the publication of Roku's earnings diminishing – as will be the case in spring 2020. By this time, Roku will likely have added several million more users to his own characters, the two believe Platforms more neck and neck.

Roku and Fire TV have proven to be strong competitors. Roku's free films and TV hub, The Roku Channel, spurred Amazon to use its IMDb subsidiary to launch a free streaming service, IMDb TV, which is also a Fire TV feature. In the meantime, Roku has developed its own voice control platform to counter the advantage of Fire TV that results from the integration of the virtual assistant Alexa into the connected TV platform.

While Roku has benefited from its reputation as a neutral platform for accessing streaming services, Amazon has evolved to better support its competitors' streaming services, including most recently YouTube, YouTube TV and the Apple TV app.

Fire TV's 40 million monthly active numbers are new today, but other numbers about Alexa traction that Amazon has shared with others are not. These include the over 100,000 Alexa-compatible smart home products from more than 9,500 unique brands, the more than 100,000 skills of Alexa developers and the hundreds of products with integrated Alexa technology. These were described in detail at Amazon's Alexa event last autumn, which now takes place annually.

CES 2020 reporting - TechCrunch