An Inexpensive and Decorative Interior Solution that Reflects your Sensibilities


Technology and innovation have brought in a variety of options for consumers. Interior design solutions and home decor choices have also been benefited with such innovations. PVC flooring and PVC ceiling are taking over as the most popular choice among-st working and busy homeowners, supplanting wooden material options for floors and ceiling.

New age homeowners are looking to experiment and try newer styling and designs options to decorate their homes. No more are they just happy with tiled flooring offered as a default from developers, homeowners want to create a home out of the house, a sanctuary for themselves, a den. And want to infuse their homes with much warmth and colour.

PVC Flooring is a popular trending choice.

Homeowners want to incorporate interior designs that not only compliment them with style but also with functionality and low maintenance. No more do they want to install the proverbial ‘white elephant’ wooden flooring, that costs substantially more, need constant maintenance and upkeep like polishing and waxing.  Not to forget, they become and the top layers lose its sheen especially in heavy foot-fall areas like kitchen and walkways. And the biggest problem with hardwood flooring is they are not one-bit waterproof and warp if accidental water spillage is left unchecked. The warping spoils the entire look of the flooring.

PVC Flooring presents cheap, decorative and low maintenance options

Flooring plays an important role in adding the cosiness factor to any room. But hardwood flooring and other wooden alternatives are not only expensive, time-consuming to install, they are also hard to maintain. This is where PVC Flooring offers all the benefits of style and comfort of hardwood and other wooden flooring options.

PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride. This material feels soft to walk on as compared to wood or tiled flooring. Made of a layer of PVC material over a layer of felt. The flooring can be made to feel softer with including foam underneath during installation. Thicker PVC flooring is available that are made to have textures like wood or stone.

Types of PVC Flooring

 Vinyl flooring are versatile when it comes to their installation. There are vinyl flooring rolls that can be rolled out on the existing floor and stuck to it with glue or adhesive. Its like wallpaper for the floor. There are PVC Flooring made of interlocking or clickable planks that look like engineered wood or vinyl tiles, they are installed on the floor after applying glue or adhesive. There are some PVC tiles that come with peel-and-stick backing for the easiest installation.

Advantages of PVC Flooring

 PVC is a tough engineered material that is both durable and moisture resistant (waterproof). This makes them ideal to use in Kitchen, bathrooms and other areas of the house with heavy traffic. PVC flooring also exudes warmth and feel better to walk on as compared to tiles or stones. Especially in colder weather locales, it helps in retaining the heat.

They are less price, quick and easy to install over the existing flooring and also easy to maintain as they are resilient and waterproof, and are able to resist the scratching and scuffing caused by pulling and pushing of furniture. And according to home interior expert, PVC flooring can last up to 20 years.

Plank PVC Flooring is available in many colours and patterns and can be made to simulate almost any material and it is hard to differentiate between PVC wooden patterned planks and wooden flooring at first glance.

PVC ceilings –  A brand new identity to your home, minus the fuss of redecorating

Now PVC ceilings too have become a popular choice for decorating ceilings. Against the usual plaster material used to create a false ceiling of light concealment. PVC ceilings are an inexpensive, quick and highly decorative options for adding an extra oomph factor to any living space. With the addition of decorative lights embedded or hanging from the top, PVC ceilings can create a highly trans formative effect on your living or bedroom.

Compared with conventional wood and plaster materials, that are expensive, need skilled and expertise laborers, and are a quick installation. PVC ceiling can be done in a day, and provide a plethora of design options, to choose from.

The PVC ceiling is in the form of planks. These planks can be manufactured to resemble any pattern of wood or tiling and any colour – completely customizable for your preferences. Simple measurement, cutting, and aligned fixing of this PVC planks to create the desired design is all that is needed to install a PVC ceiling.

As there is no dust in cutting or complicated fixing processes, renovating your homes can be done hassle-free for you and your family.

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