Analysis | The Nationals need a third baseman and a cleanup hitter. How is Starlin Castro considered?

<pre><pre>Analysis | The Nationals need a third baseman and a cleanup hitter. How is Starlin Castro considered?

Here Castro becomes an important factor for 2020. He is not one of the club's top hits. That would be Soto, Trea Turner, and to a lesser extent Howie Kendrick and Adam Eaton. Castro is not the nation's best infielder. This is gymnast. He wasn't her greatest achievement this off-season either; It can be argued that it was more important to bring Stephen Strasburg, Kendrick and Hudson back and add Harris, one of the best helpers on the market.

But Castro brings versatility to the areas where Washington needs it. Last season he played for the Miami Marlins in second and third places, and he was even in the shortstop in the moonlight, where he started his big league career with the Chicago Cubs. It bounced off a rough first half to race the track. Whether he can protect Soto or play on the third base every day just adds questions to the question mark. However, it could be the best answer – either or both – to the Nationals trying to defend their World Series title.

This is what Castro said about his improved crime on Tuesday when his $ 12 million two-year deal was official: "It was tough … so I'm just saying," Okay, just pull the ball. Try starting angle to do. Try to hit the ball in the air. "And then you see what happens."

And this is what he said about his preferred position and the ability to play more on the third base: “It was a little scary in the first two games, then he just felt comfortable out there. I feel very comfortable in second base, but I know that I can also play in third place. "

His production in the second half showed that adjusting his approach and changing his attitude made a big difference. Before the all-star break, Castro had six home runs, scored 64 goals, and scored a percentage of 0.608 in 88 games. After the break he hit 16 Homer, scored 47 times and had an OPS of 892 in 74 games. He noticed that he hit too many balls on the floor. He opened his stance a little and moved his right foot back to commit to two principles of start angle motion. The attempt to pull the ball into the air was well advanced.

If he has unlocked something and can stay on this path, he fits well in the order of Washington. 21-year-old Soto is one of the best baseball players and he now has Washington's most feared bat. He fought for fourth place last year and protected Anthony Rendon, the third baseman who signed with the Los Angeles Angels in December. There was no better 3-4 combination in baseball. But if Soto finishes third now, and that's likely, Castro is the only normal player to profile well behind him. Kendrick, Cabrera and Thames are expected to be part-time players. If the Nationals return Ryan Zimmerman, a train they're still interested in, he'll join a train too.

The Nationals believe that Castro's best defensive position is second base. If the third base is occupied internally, Cabrera and Carter Kieboom are options. But if Kieboom isn't ready to switch from the best prospect of everyday player and Cabrera returns to the batsman who was sacked by the Texas Rangers last season, Castro could have additional chances for third place. He has appeared in all 162 Marlin games last season, played 154 in 2018, and will have a similar workload with Washington, aside from injuries.

How it looks and how it is divided will mean a lot for this team.×0/smart/