Anna Sui has lived on the same West Village street since 1999

Anna Sui has lived on the same West Village street since 1999

"New York has changed a lot," says Anna Sui, who arrived here from the suburbs of Detroit in the 1970s and has lived on 12th Street since 1999. The legendary fashion designer will show a new collection during Fashion Week in New York on Monday. It will be his 29 year sending designs on the catwalk. Can't you do the show? Decades of its iconic appearance can be seen at the Museum of Arts and Design in Columbus Circle until February 23. Sui tells The Post about her favorite places in New York.

Some of my nieces and nephews have recently moved to New York, and one of our favorite places for brunch is Daily Provisions. Their egg sandwiches are dreamlike. We will order the croissant of everything with cream cheese and divide it. It is very decadent. But it is also really difficult to get a seat there, it is very small, so sometimes we go to Frenchette. I love roast chicken. It is very wet and feels at home.

I recently renovated my apartment and now I have a dining room for the first time, so I've been entertaining at home. I will make dinner or invite people to have afternoon tea. However, I don't have time to cook. For dinner, my visit is to order from RedFarm. They have amazing meatballs: shrimp and snow pea leaf are a real treat for the crowd. For Sunday afternoon tea, I will order from this nice place on West 12th and Sixth Avenue called O Cafe. I will buy sandwiches and matcha cake and chop it and serve it with tea. It's great to catch up with your friends when everyone has such busy schedules in the city.

One thing I will really miss doing on weekends is going to the Chelsea Flea Market. It used to be consumed with that. Its closure is one of those tragedies of New York. I used to spend hours walking discovering new things, or old things. Recently I discovered an adorable boutique called Bode. It really shows the personality of the designer. I love it when designers transport you to their world. I feel this way for John Derian. It gives you the possibility to dream and imagine these beautiful objects in your home. I go in there and wonder what I'm going to buy this time.

I'm addicted to shopping, so I spend a lot of time on weekends rearranging my closets. Space is scarce in New York, and changing my closets is an obsession of mine. Sometimes, when people call me, I say, "I'm sorry, I'm working in my closet."